Toxic Toys

The number of toy recalls this year are astonishing.  It seems like every week they are recalling something new….a choking hazard here, a lead tainted toy there.  It all leaves me feeling very vulnerable and sad. 

Just how toxic are our homes.   Are the diapers Baby Bum wears or the dolls that Lil’ Bum loves toxic?  Is it safe for BB to chew on that teether or for LB to drink from her favorite Diego cup?  We don’t know until a child gets sick.  What if next time it is one of my children.   I can’t help but feeling completely helpless.  

I am so disappointed in the retailers, the manufacturers and society as a whole.  Why don’t retailers have more strict policies and safety regulations, and if they really do then why do they not monitor more closely to catch the dangers before they reach the hands of children.  How scary is it that children’s lives are put second to profits.  What kind of human being can be okay with using a toxic paint or chemical in a toy just so they can save money during production.  Think about it, there are people out there that were okay with this. 

I can tell you that I am terrified to buy my children toys for Christmas.  LB really wanted AquaDots and I was seriously considering buying them for her.  Now I doubt that she would have eaten one but in a few months BB will be crawling and already everything goes to his mouth.  How am I going to help her understand if one of her beloved toys must be taken away because it is tainted. 

LB has tons of toys in her room (too many really).  What if she has something in there that should be but hasn’t been recalled yet.  How do I know?  How can I protect my children?  What’s next?

To learn about the latest recalls visit

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