When I grow up……

Conversation last night when Lil’ Bum was bathing.

“Momma, I don’t want to wash off my tattoos.”

“Well you need to wash, and we will get more later.”

“When I grow up can I have tattoos that don’t come off?”


“When I grow up will I get tattoos that don’t wash off?”

“Who has tattoos that don’t come off?”

“My Mimi has a parrot that doesn’t come off.”

“Mimi my mother?”

“Yes, your mom (with a mischievous grin)

There you have it internet.  My mom is influencing my daughter to get a tattoo.  Oh, and it’s not a parrot it’s a hummingbird. 

I have often thought of getting a tattoo but have never decided on anything that I wanted permanently, but seriously, wanting a tattoo at 3 yrs old, is my daughter going to be covered in tattoos when she grows up?

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