Holy Moley Pudding and Pie!!  I had every intention of leaving a semi interesting post this evening after the kids were in bed.  Instead, I have spent the last hour waiting for photos of colts to attach to emails to send to a potential buyer.


If I wasn’t kid broke I would have satellite service.  For now, I will make due with what I have and be thankful its not dial-up.

I guess as I lay here half asleep listening to my 5 month old try to sleep with a head cold this would be a good time to really let you get to know me.  These are just some of the things that I have been thinking as I lay here waiting.

1.  I wish these fricking emails would work.

2.  I wish I could stay home with my children.

3.  I wish my husbands employer offered health insurance that was worth a crap so #2 would be possible.

4.  I wish that I could afford a digital slr camera so that I could pursue photography.

5.  I hope my husbands truck doesn’t die in the near future because we just found  out that the land next to us that we have wanted for umpteen years is going to be up for sale in the next year and we have first shot.

6.  Should I really get laser eye surgery in 2008 like I have been planning for 2 years knowing that the truck could die and the land could be bought.

7.  Am I ever gonna lose all of my baby weight.

8.  I hope Baby Bum gets well soon.

9.  I really need to stop whining because I am very blessed.

10. When I get my first comment will I pee my pants like I almost did when I figured out that Izzy favorited me on technorati.  I just love IzzyMom .

Do you hear the angels singing?  I finally figured out how to link to someone and not show the www stuff.

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  1. the truck will live or die land will last forever

  2. […] Phone Calls Later Do you remember the land?  Well if not let me fill you in.  You see, there is this really neat older man who owns land the […]

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