Meet A Bum…….Thursday?

I had this idea……”Meet a Bum Mondays”.

Well, I missed Monday so I am going to start it off all wrong and start today.  Next week I will actually post a bio on Monday.

Since we are called the “Barn” Bums I thought I would start with a bio of one of the animals.  Our stud horse Tex.
                           Big Daddy

My husband hates this picture because it distorts his head, but I think it’s cute.  He is reaching over the fence looking for a carrot.

Not growing up around farm animals, when I was told we were getting a stud I was very apprehensive.  The only thing I had ever known of stud horses was they were mean and would bite.  Boy was I wrong!  Tex is a doll.  He is well mannered and has never offered to bite.  My husband calls him a “gelding that can breed”.

 Tex is very territorial.  There has been a time or two that he has gone after a strange dog (and unfortunately caught a few) but I will never forget the day one of our neighbors pregnant nanny goats somehow got into his pen.  I really thought I was going to see dead goat that day, but luckily I was able to coax her out. 

The one thing that probably influenced my trusting Tex the most was the time my Boston Terrier, Penny, wandered into his pen.  I PANICKED.  This horse had killed dogs.  The thought of seeing her die was more than I could handle.  She was directly underneath him and he was staring down at her……….HE NEVER MOVED……He let her walk right out and then went back to his grazing.  He had no intentions of hurting her.  He knew she belonged there.

He is a pretty guy.  Don’t ya think?
Tex 2.jpg

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  1. You’ll send me your Diet Coke points? I LOVE YOU!!!

    You had me at hello…..

    Hallie 🙂

  2. Beautiful horse. I did not grow up around animals either- we have chickens, horse, and goats, it is a whole new world – not always fun, but the kids love it so I am sucking it up.

  3. […] decided that since last week you got to meet our stud horse , Tex, then this week I would introduce you to other stud……my […]

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