Meet A Bum Monday

See…I told you I would get on schedule.

I decided that since last week you got to meet our stud horse , Tex, then this week I would introduce you to our other stud……my husband.

The Boys

Think about the first time you saw your true love.  Did you know?  Did your gut tell you they were the one?  That is exactly what happened to me.  One evening when I was grocery shopping I had just turned down the chip isle and there he was.  This 6’5″ gorgeous guy.  He was wearing a work cap, wranglers and a dirty Carhart coat and best of all he had a goatee.  I’m a sucker for facial hair.  I remember looking at him and thinking, “He’s probably married.”  The end.

I know it was meant to be because we live in city of 20,000+ people and we soon crossed  paths again.

Big Bum, as I think we’ll call him, is ten years my senior.  He is the rugged outdoorsy type.  He loves hunting and fishing and everything to do with being outside.   

He’s usually dirty from working, but he cleans up REALLY nice.  I tried to take a picture of him last night at church but every time the picture snapped his mouth was wide open.  He really likes to talk.

Although he is rough and tough, he is also tender and compassionate.


This is him playing with a miniature donkey, Pedro.  Pedro’s mother rejected him so Big Bum took over.  I often watched as the two would play chase.  A big tough guy playing with a little delicate donkey that barely hit him at the knee.

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but when I was pregnant with Lil’ Bum I completely underestimated the father that Big Bum would become.  He had never been around children much and the whole rough-tough man thing had me fooled.  He remained diligent during my long labor.  His exhausted eyes glistened when he watched as the nurses cleaned her up and he followed closely behind when they took to the nursery.  The man that I thought would always be afraid of holding a baby became a father and an awesome one at that.

He is a wonderful, loving father and a caring and helpful husband.

I feel blessed beyond belief.

Added note:  He is not going to divorce me over Lil’ Bum’s hair but did make it clear that he likes it better longer.  What is it with Daddys and their daughter’s hair?

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  1. My guy is 6’3″, has a goattee and gets all smooshy around our wiener dogs…. 🙂


  2. Lucky lady! My bum is only 5’9″ but gets smooshy over babies, kitties and sappy movies.

    It took me a while with my guy to realize he was “the one”. I just thought he was wonderful but not for poor commitment-phobe me! LOL Now we have been together 5 years, have 3 kids (2 ours and 1 mine from previously). Isn’t it amazing how things work out sometimes?

  3. You are a very luckly woman! And, don’t worry about the grief he gives you over the hair, for some reason all guys like girls hair to be long. But, of course they are not the ones who have to wash, dry, comb, fix, etc. the hair!

  4. The title “Meet a Bum Monday” just cracks me up. Just thought I would mention that 😉

  5. i thought it was in tractor supply when he came in looking supplies or something

  6. Tractor Supply was the first time we interacted but before I ever talked to him I swear I saw him in Wal-Mart. It was a week or so later that he came in to buy a trailer hitch and we talked.

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