Motherly Duties

I may be getting ready to lose any blog friends that I have started making after this post.  The faint of heart or stomach may want to stop reading right now.

I’ll start off by telling you that I am a horrible worry wart.  I fret about everything.  My daughter’s recent haircut kept me up all night.  I had an anxiety attack thinking about Baby Bum being circumcised (it didn’t help that the first informative website that I came across was the anti-circumcision type).  I just freak out.

Well, my freaking out is not the reason for this post.  It is more to discuss the things that a mother will do and the lengths she will go for her children.  I realized my strength this morning when I had to…………..I am not sure I can say this………………………………..

dig poop out of my sons hiney

Okay, I said it and I understand if you never want to come here again, but back to the story less all the gory details.

Baby Bum has been very unlike his sister.  He is Never constipated.  I realized on Sunday when he began trying rather loudly during our church Christmas program that he had not had a movement since Friday morning.  He tried Sunday night and then Monday morning.

Still nothing.

I had already started the home remedies with no avail.  I called school at noon on Monday to check.  Still no poop.

Tuesday I couldn’t even go to work.  This is the part where I’m freaking out.  I knew all day I would worry about my sons pooping so I stayed home with the kids.  I called the doctor for what was the second time and again they told me more Pedialyte.

My doctor is great but I know my son.  He had problems.

I tried suppositories with no luck.  All they would do is leave me with a crying baby and a great view of our culprit.  Yes, as disgusting as it sounds, he would try and I could see the blockage.

Last night still more Karo and still no poop.  All night in his sleep he tried to poop.  I felt helpless and worried.  Upon waking this morning he immediately resumed trying.  I decided to take a peek and there it was.  The only problem is it wouldn’t come out or go back in.

I felt helpless.  I felt sorry for my child.  I remembered what my sister (a pediatric nurse) had told me yesterday when I had described what I saw.   “You must get it out”  I always second guess my decisions but I listened to my gut and went for it.  Big Bum was disgusted and at first couldn’t even get in the floor to talk to him so that he would stay still.  Lil’ Bum was great help and by the end the whole family was involved.  I needed him distracted because he was trying to play in between pushes.

I so very carefully began taking small pieces away with tweezers (which probably wasn’t the best choice) until he was able to relieve himself of the rest.  I am still in shock.  I actually took poop out of my sons hiney.  I know you probably think I am crazy but I am a little proud.  I made a split second decision and it helped him.  He feels better and is able to work on the rest of on his own now.

I’ve already called school once this morning to check on him.

What is the most bizarre or disgusting thing you have ever had to do for your children?

And just to help with the disgust check out this.
Holding Bottle
 Wouldn’t you want to do everything in your power to help this cute little guy out.

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  1. Been there, done that… although I don’t recommend you use tweezers again! 🙂 My oldest was born with severe intestinal problems and couldnt poop easily. It became par for the course – me using one finger at a time to “help” him along. Next time (if there is a next time) try coating your finger with vaseline before starting. ANd remember, you are doing a good thing – and although it seems awful, you really are making your baby more comfortable.


  2. I was seriously considering deleting this post because I was worried it would scare people off. I am so glad you commented it made me feel much better. I agree. The tweezer thing wasn’t too smart but I was super careful and tried to stay away from his skin. His school called me a few minutes ago and said he has gone 5 little times today. I guess we got the worst one out.

  3. […] are always going to be things that cause us to fret and worry over our children.  Whether it be constipation or setting off to protect our country.  We all love our children dearly and whatever their […]

  4. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do! Anyone grossed out by that post has just never had a constipated kid they loved before! Hope things are “coming along” better!

  5. A mother will do anything for their children. You did what you had to do to help baby bum. A job well done. Over the years he will learn that you will always be there when he needs you.

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