A Sheep in Our Barn

Our church has it’s Christmas program pretty early in the month.  It’s like a kick start to the holiday season.  This past Sunday was our program and Lil’ Bum was the lamb and what a cute lamb she was.

Do you know how impossible it is to find white sweatpants for toddlers.  I could have had them ordered but I’m procrastinater so of course it was too late for that.  Luckily my MIL is a kick-butt seamstress and she whipped up a skirt.

Lil' Sheep Sheepish Grins

After the program we had snacks and a visit from Santa.  In the past Lil’ Bum has been petrified of Santa Claus.  She never even wanted gifts if it meant she had to sit in his lap.  Last year, at Big Bum’s work dinner,  the idea of getting a gift was enough to convince her to sit with him.  She never offered to smile.  She took her gift and got the heck out of dodge.

This year Santa is her new best friend, but only if he has a white beard.  She will have nothing to do with the Santa at Wal-Mart with a real grey beard.  I guess you only get what you want if Santa has a white beard.  

When Santa came into the fellowship hall Sunday night Lil’ Bum’s face lit up.  She ran to him and was giddy with excitement.

                   Filling Santa in about her List

She also went back after the line had cleared  and helped him pass out goody bags.  I think she was sucking up.

Baby Bum was an angel during the whole program.  He did not make one peep…..well………..except for the loud grunts that I mentioned before.  Santa didn’t phase him one bit.  He was his usual happy self.

             First Santa pic

I can’t believe Christmas is only about 2 weeks away.  I’ve got to get busy.

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  1. I am SOOOOOO glad white sweats are hard to find – that skirt is fantastic!!!

    Love the pics!


  2. Oh my goodness is my heart MELTING! She is darling in that sheep get up! The Boy was a sheep once at church. He was so hot, and his face was beet red the whole time. I may have to post that picture now!
    Hope Baby Bum is doing better!

  3. oohhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. Lil bum looked precious as a lamb. Baby bum also looked precious. I am so glad she is not afraid of Santa now.

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