Bum Update

I just wanted to stop by for a moment and report that Baby Bum is doing MUCH better.  He had a rough day yesterday.  He worked all day to get rid of the blockage which at times left him in tears and a very sore bum, but last night the pipes did clean out.  This morning we were back to our normal morning routine with no tears.

I believe all of this was caused by an antihistamine his doctor prescribed Thursday.  He has had a snotty head for more than a week and she thought it might help because it had a “good drying agent”.  That was the only change in his little life.  The only change in the routine of a very regular little guy.

Thanks for hanging in there through the tough posts.  I had decided to post about Baby Bums problem because it was all I could think about.  I was worried.  I began having second thoughts and had logged in to delete the post when I found that Hallie had left a comment. I decided to leave the post because I knew someone out there did understand my concerns and the importance of talking about it. She also gave me some good tips if, God forbid, we have this problem again.

I guess as mothers and parents there are always going to be things that cause us to fret and worry over our children.  Whether it be constipation or setting off to protect our country.  We all love our children dearly and whatever their struggles or successes our hearts are with them 100%.

Check back later this afternoon to see the kids with their first Santa visits of this season.

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  1. s happens or not

  2. I am glad little bum is doing better. I know he is feeling better.That is part of being a mother.

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