Meet a Bum Monday – Canine Edition

That’s right.  It’s time for the next edition of “Meet a Bum Monday”.  Today I have chosen to introduce our canine family members, Micah and Penny.  I had planned on interviewing the girls but with the ice storm that we are having and below freezing temperatures neither dog would come out of their warm holes.  

First we have Penny.

Pretty Penny

Penny is 7 years old and weighs in at  a whopping 11 pounds.  She prefers to spend her days sleeping and following Lil’ Bum around waiting for her to drop food and even once poop for her to eat.   Penny is MY dog.  She was a birthday gift from Big Bum.  It makes no difference to her where I sleep..she will follow.  I often joke that if I slept on a concrete slab she would sleep there with me.  Of course, we know Penny is a dog but we often indulge her as if she were a child.  Saturday I took the kids to Memaw’s (MIL) to stay while I finished up some shopping.  Penny also got to go to Memaw’s.  The dog loves to go go go.

Last but not least we have Micah.

I love this picture.  Micah is 16 years old.  She is a Pointer and was a very good hunter of quail in her younger days.  She is Big Bum’s dog but knows who to talk to when she needs a favor.  I am the one that rallied for her to be let out of her pen even though she dug up the yard………….and tore up the trash.  I am also the one that buys her favorite food.  Right now Micah is living out her last years being spoiled.  She gets canned food everyday (a delicacy at our house and oh is Penny jealous), all the scraps she could want, and a new bed every 3 to 4 weeks (she suffers from incontinence and man her beds get smelly). 

Our dogs are like family and I can’t bear to think of the day that something might happen to either of them.  As for Micah, we know the end is near, but as long as she seems happy and healthy enough we will continue to spoil her.  Hopefully Penny has several more years to go.

Please be in prayer for everyone that is affected by the ice storm.  We got off pretty easy but I know further north it is not so easy.  During times like these it is the electrical lineman and the highway workers that I keep close to my heart.  I pray for their safety and for those not fortunate enough to have a warm place to go and warm winters clothes.

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  1. Ok, I was going to comment on how The Boy was on my lap earlier when I read this about the dogs and he reminded me again how I have deprived him in life not having one. (he and I both are very allergic, but I am looking into some different breeds to see what we can do…)
    BUT… when I went to comment, for some strange reason, I had a flashback and heard “Wichita Lineman” and started singing, “I am a lineman for the county….” Oh wow, now I am going be singing 1970’s country tunes all night.
    Yes, the ice storm stuff is hard, and it is kind of you to ask for others to remember those less fortunate during that. I have family affected, but they are safe and sound now. I feel for the people without a safe place and warm clothes as well. And I know it ruins things in the most unexpected ways at times too. Glad you are doing ok Bum family!

    PS ~ Hope we get to see those Christmas card shots of the wee Bums!

  2. I chose the name country girl because that is what an associate at work calls me that. I really like the pictures of the dogs because ours are so special to us also. I also dread the day something happens to them. We lost one of ours earlier this year and it was like losing a member of the family. But we added a new addition to the family. He is so funny. You havwe a big heart.

  3. Spoil that baby dog as long as you can! They are both beautiful animals. I know how animals can be just like a part of the family. Take care in all that rough weather. I am so out of touch I was all like “What ice storm?” Here in MS the day was in the 80s today. Sucky but at least no bad storms here!

  4. I love your puppied!! We always wanted a Boston but somehow ended up with wieners. I am now POSITIVE you are an amazing woman – not many would tolerate an incontinent doggy. That is one lukcy pup!!


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