Little Reminders

I am actually writing this post before it is titled.  Yesterday, through the eyes of a young boy,  God reminded me not to be so quick to judge others.

Lil’ Bum was safely delivered to her dance class/Christmas party so Baby Bum and I went to Wal-Mart.  It was cold and very wet.  At the time, it was drizzling rain.  I decided to take his shopping cart cover in and let him sit up (he loved seeing everything and everybody).  On the way into the store I had him wrapped in a blanket with his warm fleece onesie and hat, holding him closely to keep him dry and warm.

We had to buy a ton of stuff.  Our cart was full and of course it all didn’t fit back in the same as I had it.  As we were leaving I couldn’t steer my cart well and the huge box of DDP I had bought was falling off of the bottom of the cart.  I ended up sitting it beside BB and slowly made my way to the truck pushing the cart with my stomach trying to hold a blanket over BB and hold onto the DDP box at the same time.  By the time we reached the truck the blanket had slipped off and I was trying to hurry to get him in.

Okay, long drawn out story but here’s the good part.  A young boy and his mother were making their way to the store (both carrying umbrellas).  I heard the boy say to his mother, “She doesn’t care that her baby is getting wet!”  They then nicely came up and offered to share their umbrellas with him until I unloaded.  I declined the offer, thanked them and put him in the truck before I began to unload.  I definitely wanted him out of the weather.

I DID care that my baby was getting wet.  For some reason I haven’t been able to get the little boy out of my head.  At first my feelings were hurt.  The thought of someone thinking that I don’t care mortifies me.  It wasn’t until this morning that I realized that just maybe God wanted to remind ME not to judge others so quickly.

So the next time I see a situation that I feel isn’t the best I will remember that things aren’t always as they seem and just maybe that person cares very very much and just didn’t think things through when they started out on their journey.

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  1. Great story…God works in mysterious ways! 🙂


  2. What a revelation…. and maybe your story is here to show me the same thing! I am always quick to judge, and then quicker still to bite my tongue, cause we have all been there! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That is a great story and lesson to share with us. What an eye opener. We are all quick to judge at times.

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