Lil’ Bum Style

I’m not sure all the reasons I love these pictures of Lil’ Bum so much.  Partly because we played hookie that day and it was wonderful.  I love how they show her expressing her own style.  I never imagined that something so beautiful could come from me (& of course Big Bum).  Her new word is “actually”.  Everything is “well actually Momma……”

  Style of Her Own My Fave 2Graffiti Artist

That is a white sports bra she dug out of my underwear drawer.

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  1. Bra at this age? Kida develop SOOOOOOOOOOO early nowadays!!!! 🙂


  2. ACTUALLY… the word ACTUALLY is a fun word to ACTUALLY use anytime you can ACTUALLY use it. I ACTUALLY use it often when speaking, though I don’t ACTUALLY use it when writing and that ACTUALLY puzzles me some. I am ACTUALLY going to spend some time ACTUALLY thinking about that today. Now I am going to ACTUALLY go put a bra on so I can ACTUALLY go shopping, but I will not ever ACTUALLY touch chalk because I ACUTALLY have OCD issues about dry things touching my hands. It is ACTUALLY kind of funny. Oh, and Lil’ Bum is ACTUALLY very adorable, but I would ACTUALLY like to meet her mom. Is Momma Bum ACTUALLY somewhere on this blog? I am ACTUALLY shutting up now.

  3. She reminds me so much of my oldest daughter at that age. My daughter is now 24 years old. She will graduate in the spring to be an RN. She just visited me this week. Time flies!

  4. It’s sounds so grown up for a three year old to say that. Kids grow up so fast these days. I think it is great to let kids dress themselves and be confident about themselves. She is sooo cute. The way she is dressed makes the picture more personal and special,

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