I’m Bored

So its Friday afternoon, I don’t get off of work for 2 more hours, all my work is caught up and I have read all my fave blogs.  The next two hours are going to feel like 14.

I am excited about the weekend.  We have an annual Christmas party tomorrow night with friends.  It is always lots of fun.  Lil’ Bum is pumped because she will get to open a gift.  The adults play Dirty Santa while the children open gifts their parents brought for them.

I am also excited that Lil’ Bum is going with her grandparents to see her cousins Christmas program Sunday night.  She is going to spend the night with them.  Why am I so excited?????  It will give me a chance to rid her overcrowded room of unneeded toys.  The kid has too much.  I admit I have overdone it in the past.  There is such a thing as too much.  Luckily for me she didn’t turn into a brat and is okay with being told no, but she has so much stuff she can never find what she is looking for.  This year she is not getting many “toys”.  We are indulging her love for music.  I know there will be days when I go insane but she is getting bongos, a harmonica, a karaoke machine and her Memaw is looking for a trombone her size.  These are the things she wanted.  She sings really well for a 3 year old and loves to perform for us.

I am so happy to declare that I am done Christmas shopping.  My MIL just picked up my last 2 things and she got a heck of a deal. 

Check back on Monday because I am seriously thinking about using myself as the subject of the next “Meet a Bum Monday”.  I am always curious about the person behind the blog.  I think I just might do it but only if I can get some decent pics of myself by then. I HATE how I look in pictures. I may just turn the camera over to Lil’ Bum. That way if I look horrible I can blame it on my picture being taken by a 3 year old.

See Ya Monday!

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  1. I am always curious about who is behind the blog too! Can’t wait til Monday!

  2. What the heck is Dirty Santa? Inquiring minds need to know!


  3. The kids had a two hour delay here, so The Boy and his cousin are still here (It’s Monday morning now). BUT, I eagerly came here, turned the computer on despite having them asking me for cereal and such… hoping for a Meet a Bum Monday! Where are ya????!!!!

  4. I have finished my shopping. I have to exchange one gift for something I found that I like better. Its the same thing but Just a little better. I am excited about all the gits I have bought this year. I can’t wait to give my presents to my daughter and her family. The hardest for me to buy for is my husband. I hope he will like what I got him.

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