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I told you on Friday that today’s edition of “Meet a Bum Monday” would be about me but I didn’t get any good pictures of myself.  Do I really have to?

Yes I do.  Why???  If I tell you I will do it, chances are I will.  I hate to disappoint.

Let’s see where to start…………….I turned 30 on November 17th.  I am 5’6″ and weigh in at about 165.  Yeah!!!!  That might not be impressive to you but when Baby Bum was born 6 months ago I weighed about 205.  I failed to reach my goal of 150 by Christmas but am very proud of my progress so far.

I grew up in southern Arkansas.  I moved away about 10 years.  Although I miss my family greatly I don’t have any plans of moving back.  I love where I am.

I graduated college with a BS in Human Services Counseling for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and a minor in Interpreting but I work as an accountant.  Not a CPA but I am considered an accountant by the entity for which I work.  People often ask me why I am not using my degree and I just tell them its a long story.  Its a good one but a long one.  I am very happy where I am and feel it is where I was meant to be.

I am a bit of a pushover.  No matter how mean you are to me I will probably be nice to you.  I can sleep alot easier with hurt feelings than a bad conscious. 

I do have bad qualities also.  I am pretty spoiled.  I usually get my way when it comes to Big Bum.  It’s all his fault.  When we were dating he pushed me to speak my mind and be more assertive.  So with him I do.  Don’t worry, I am not mean to him.  He’s spoiled also.  Another bad thing is that I have been a nail biter since I was 5.

Last night when I was thinking about the fact that I didn’t have a good picture to include with today’s post I decided that I would show you the normal me.  Nothing fancy or flashy. If I keep waiting for the perfect picture I will wait forever.

I have naturally wavy, dark brown hair.  I usually pin it back when I get home to keep my bangs out of my eyes.  I am currently growing all the highlights out of my hair.  

Lil’ Bum was gone with her grandparents last night so I took a minute to soak in the tub and shave my legs etc (quick showers are usually all I get).  I took off my makeup and with my hair pinned back I decided to take a pic.

So……………………….here I am in all my mommy glory:


I promise to fix myself up for you one day.  Maybe….

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  1. Woo Hoo well how do you do! Yeah for you! See, it wasn’t THAT painful right?!
    Nice to meet ya!

  2. Nice to meet you too. No, it wasn’t as painful as I had expected. I guess I am getting more comfortable with myself as I get older.

  3. Just be YOU! And as for the weight… great job, and if you feel discouraged, just pop by my blog and see ME, you will feel skinny 😉

    By the way, Baby Bum and that tongue are crackin me up

  4. What a fantastic smile! Sounds like you’re doing pretty well — I don’t think I smiled like that when Boo was only 6 months old — and I wasn’t even working outside the home, so no excuse!

  5. Wow! You are beautiful! And what a cutie that baby is…. Congrats on the weight loss, sned me some weight loss mojo, I need it! LOL

    Great to meet you!

  6. Your pic was great. I wish I looked that good without makeup. I think I scare people without it, Baby bum sure is a handsome one, I think he favors you.

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