The Battle Continues

I have a confession……………..I have hate in my heart.

The problems started back in the spring.  First one, then two, no big deal.  Their numbers were becoming threatening.  Their evil destruction started to become noticeable. 

 One dark night I decided that I had had enough.  The children were snuggled peacefully in their beds and the big guy was snoozing away on the couch.  They had no idea of the horror that was about to unfold…..the lives that were about to be lost.

The battle began.  I scoured the house, one room at a time, looking behind every door, everywhere I had seen them lurking.  I paid special attention to the children’s bathroom where I believed that they had hatched their evil spawn.  The mortality rate was unbelievable.  I stopped counting at 24.

I most definitely hindered their invasion but in no way did I win the war.  Even last night  they taunted me.  I think it’s time for another battle.

Here are some pictures I got of the evil demons.



      Oh, wait, maybe I’m getting a little carried away.

                          They Must Die!!!!!!!

And yes there were crickets harmed in the making of this blog post.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA Evil spawn of satan must die! LOL Crickets can be sooooooooooo annoying. Also irritating. Have at it lady, unleash mama terror on those buggers!

  2. I wrote a similar post once about being haunted about crickets. (not on here though sadly, I wish I had a copy though! This sounds very familiar, but it is gone forever, a victim of my deleting hand!)
    Crickets must die. I agree. Crickets MUST die. The sit there making there little cute cricket noise, and it’s enough to make you want to SCREAM I say. They are the spawn of Satan. I agree.

  3. How can you hate a poor cricket? I’d kill to see one of those little guys right about now….that would mean NO SNOW!!!

    We are being buried alive… brrr

    Hang in there – at least they dont bite!

  4. We have times when we are invaded by satan’s creatures. They cover the parking lot at work and cover the brick walls. The worst is when they are in your house and at night when you are trying to sleep. They start making their noise and it is sooo irritating, especially when you can’t find them.

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