Can You Find My Free Time

Have you seen my free time.  It was sparing to begin with but now it is non-existent.  I seemed to have lost it.

Yesterday was CHAOS.  Ready myself and pack the kids.  Leave the house at 6:30 am to drive them to their grandparent’s house about 20 minutes away.  Be at work at 7:30.  Run home at noon to clean house but end up packing Lil’ Bum’s snow clothes and sending them with Big Bum so that he might deliver them to Lil’ Bum so that she might play in the snow that I had no idea was coming.

Then its back to work.  After work it is rush home to meet Big Bum and drive over to grandparent’s house to meet the parent’s of Big Bum’s cousin’s wife from California.  Did you get that????  They were awesome and I enjoyed meeting them.  The only downfall was that we needed to stop and buy diapers, the kids needed baths and I needed to pick up the house for the angelic lady that is our house-cleaner.  My in-laws rock because the angelic lady that is our house-cleaner is a gift from them to allow us more time to devote to the kids since I must work.

 So, upon leaving the grandparent’s house we stop in for some Pampers and while driving home we come upon a wreck.  After turning around to offer assistance and say a kind word for the calf which was run over we headed home.  Then there was cleaning of the house, feeding of the baby, and panicking over not being able to print photos of colts that’s registration must be sent off today or else we must pay about a $200 late fee.  Then we tried to sleep.

Today started off just as chaotic but is slowly calming down.  The whole morning routine started off the same way but it started getting better when I confessed to MIL that the children still weren’t bathed and she happily agreed to handle it.  I tried diligently to load said colt pictures to so that I might pick them up at noon and deliver the registrations to the Post Office.  It didn’t happen.  My saviour was my wonderful SIL.  I am not even joking when I say she is as good a gold.  I call her with my dilemma and she does the job for me.

So in about 20 minutes I am high tailing it to WM and then to the PO and maybe get some food if I have a chance.  Tonight we will do a little packing and a little relaxing and a little helping of Lil’ Bum playing her Leapster.

If all of the mess has fried your brain….sorry.  I promise I have a couple of non-chaotic posts in my brain if I can just find my free time.  Help!!!!

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  1. Oh. HoHoHo… sounds like my life! hehehe Take a deep breath and smile! I hope the rest of your holiday season is a little calmer! Have a great New Years!

  2. Hey there. You’re a fellow Okie? I’m so glad to meet you. Thanks for coming over to my blog. I’ll read yours too. Glad you made it through Christmas. And, cleaning ladies, are angels in disguise.

  3. Relax – holidays are crazy for everyone!!!

    Btw, your quote was cute for the CAPTION THE PHOTO contest – who knows if Cj would have picked it but I think it would have had a chance!!

    Very clever!!


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