The day after Christmas, in the early hours of the morning, the children and I were headed toward my in-laws.  Lil’ Bum was wide awake so we were chatting away when I asked her what she thought about Christmas.

“Is Christmas over?”

“Yes, but we are going to Arkansas and have Christmas next weekend.”

“But it didn’t snow.

“I know, but it doesn’t always snow at Christmas.”

“It has to snow on Christmas.  I really want to eat snow.”

We continued on and it began to drizzle.  As I unpacked the children’s things the rain fell softly out of the sky.  I didn’t know there was a chance for rain.

Very shortly after I arrived at work I  heard someone exclaim, “Those are the biggest flakes I’ve ever seen!”


It snowed for hours and hours.  It was everywhere and it was beautiful.  I thought of Lil’ Bum and how excited she must be when I realized that I had not planned for the snow.  She didn’t even have her heavy coat.  She had to play in the snow.  I couldn’t let her miss out on this opportunity.  So, at noon, I ran home and packed up her stuff, and took some more pictures.  Big Bum delivered the goods to her.




It was beautiful but it didn’t last long. Lil’ Bum did get some quality sledding time in thanks to her Paw.

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  1. But did she get to EAT it? Yeah, for Lil Bum!! (but I still don’t love snow!)


  2. Thank you for snow pictures. Hallie posted some too, but hers had dogs pooping in them 🙂
    Atleast yours are family friendly, unlike that chick in Maine who defaces her snow! SNOW HATER that she is!

    Thank you for honoring it. God will surely bless you.

    “Whiter than snow, yes whiter than snow…now wash me and I shall be whiter than snow…”
    (sorry, I broke into hymn there)


  3. ****sigh****

    I have never ever seen snow in real life. Except for once when it snowed in Florida. When I was 15. And there was just enough snow for about one snowball. I want it to snow here. Cause I don’t want to actually have to drive in it to get to see it. And the kids really want to see snow. Send some to us? Pretty please?

  4. Hope you had a wonderful New Years!!

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