Her Favorite Things

I know it is just a phase.  I know all, or at least most children do it, but seriously……..why my child.  I mean, just look at this face. This angelic little face.


Such a beautiful child. So smart and full of personality but………………….a booger-eater just the same. By the looks of this picture she probably just finished one off.

God help us all!

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  1. Really, if you think about it, they are just dried out mucus, so it’s like dried fruit or something. If they didn’t cake on the inside of her nose, they would drain into her throat anyhow. She just has to take an extra step to get them there, and then rehydrate them. It’s all in the approach of how you look at things, really. Take two chill pills, one booger, and call me in the morning.

    Dr. Mapper

  2. OMG… I almost fell out when I read this and THEN… THEN I read Mappers response. I think I peed in my pants. Really.

  3. They all do it, they all get over it, we all pretend it’s not happening.

    I PROMISE, this will pale in comparison to things she will want to do in the future! You will WISH for the days she ate boogers!!


  4. Go check this picture out. It will make you feel better about her habit, at least she isn’t doing this:


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