Meet a Bum Monday – Feline Fun

Finally!!…back with the bum meeting.  The holidays really threw me off track.

This week I want to introduce our feline family member, Kitty aka Fatcrack aka Wilver.

Kitty 1

These pictures really don’t do him justice.  Of course I forgot to take them in the afternoon when he was lounging at the house.  I waited until he came up for dinner last night.  He spends his nights in the barn and comes up to the house in the afternoon.  He is usually waiting on us when we come home in the evening.

Kitty aka Fatcrack aka Wilver doesn’t suffer from multiple personality disorder.  The only disorder he suffers from are his human owners.

He is a persistent cat.  When our house was finished 4 years ago and we moved in, so did he.  He wasn’t welcomed with open arms but that didn’t deter him.  He had chosen us……..end of discussion.  We tried ignoring him.  I wasn’t very fond of him.  He picked on my other cats.  He was a true pain in the rear.

One day things took a very different turn.  As baby Lil’ Bum and I ventured down to the barn we met Kitty aka Fatcrack aka Wilver.  He was drooling and as I tried to shoo him he hissed at me.  How dare him.  I immediately diagnosed him with rabies and ordered the Big Guy to protect our baby and put him out of his misery.  I couldn’t have a rabid cat on the loose.  I made the orders but was too much of a coward to witness the deed so baby Lil’ Bum and I went into the house.  My conscious got the best of me and as I ran out the back door to undo what I had done I heard the cry of the pellet gun.  I was too late.

Kitty aka Fatcrack aka Wilver ran away.  What had I done!

It was too late.  He was gone………………….for a little while atleast.  Remember I told you he was persistent.  He forgave me and came back about a month later.  He returned with a different look about him.  His right eye looked a little funny.  He must have gotten into a fight.   Sure that’s what happened.

This time baby Lil’ Bum took notice of him.  She liked him very much which sealed his fate.  To be safe we took him to the vet’s office to have his vaccinations and have his eye checked out.

Guess what that crazy vet said about his eye???

Head trauma… he had experienced a hard blow to the side of the head. 

I still think that vet must have been a quack.   It had to have been something else…..probably infection………….which could have been why he was drooling that day.  Maybe he was rabid and just had a miraculous recovery.

Kitty 2
Note the hazy eye.

So for about 3 years now Kitty aka Fatcrack aka Wilver has been spoiled rotten as a result of my guilt for diagnosing him with rabies and ordering euthenasia.  That is the reason for name #2. 

He was already a great mouser.  You could tell he had a previous owner because we got into a routine very quickly.  I feed him everytime he asked and he asked ALL THE TIME.  He was already a good sized cat but began to get a whole lot bigger.  The Big Guy began to call him Fatcrack and the cute way baby Lil’ Bum would say Fat Qwauck caused it to also stick.

About a year ago Lil’ Bum became really partial to the movie Charlotte’s Web and we had a pet garden spider move in further giving Kitty aka Fatcrack another name, Wilver.

Also Meet Charlotte Web RIP.

Charlotte Web

Okay, so we are all friends here and I was very honest… believe me when I tell you we do not abuse animals.  I really did think he had rabies.  I overreacted and was wrong.  I am so happy it worked out.  Please don’t hate me.

Added Note:  I almost forgot one of the many identities for Kitty aka Fatcrack aka Wilver.  Penny calls him her Love Kitten.  Oh yes she does and it is soooo embarrassing when we have company. 🙂  .

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  1. I think cats are pretty, but they make me sneeze. I think they are great for farms, killing mice etc. I would never fault you for protecting your young if you thought she had rabies, but then, some folks think I don’t like cats. Hmmmm, wonder why they think that? I used to have a cat, way back when I was a kid and we had goats and such. (haha, goat pun, KID) They were outside cats, and sure enough, they brought us present mice and left them like clockwork on the back porch. I was pleased with their efficiency in getting the mice, but hated the clean up. I always thought my cat was possessed. It’s eyes looked like Kirsti Alley, and it used to suck the nipples of it’s sister cat. (Yes, I said nipples, but in the context of an animal, all be it a possessed one). The sister cat just let the incest go on and on. It was sad. FYI, you can edit my cat rant, I will not be offended if you delete it, but it’s my cat experience. Eventually mom hit the sister cat (by accident!) with a car and the evil cat ran away. I do sort of hate cats, and since I am allergic, I suppose that’s ok.
    I hope KITTY kills the mice and does some work if you have to feed it that much.



  3. Poor Kitty…. When we were kids, my brother and I used to torment our cats. I feel bad about it now… my brother used to try to nail the cats tail to a board to make it stay still. And one time I closed one up in the refridgerator. It was ok. Just cold when my mom opened the door. My mom was less than amused. I miss my kitties. But I bet they don’t miss me! LOL…

    Actually, before we moved to MS we had 4 cats in our apartment. We had to give them away when we moved. We miss them a lot.

    Thanks for introducing the kitty!

  4. @Mapper – feel free to be honest. Cats are a kind of love/hate kind of thing. I actually like them. Not particulary in my house but outside is great. I hate cats that mess with my cats which was Kitty at once. Unfortunately all my other cats died for one reason or another so he flies solo now.

    @Hallie – Does that mean you don’t want me to mail you one of the four eggsacs that she left under our carport. I am still a little nervous about if they hatch but Lil’ Bum checks on them often and we haven’t had the heart to get rid of them. 🙂

    @Tracy – Sorry you had to get rid of your cats. If you ever get a chance to get more I know there are always many looking for homes.

  5. I have visions of Charlotte’s Web with the egg sac thing. Ewwwwwww, good luck with that

  6. […] I went to Yahoo and searched the same thing.  This time a link to the blog highlighting the Kitty aka Fatcrack aka Wilver story […]

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