Yes, this blog post is titaled ICE as in In Case of Emergency, and yes I am having problems spelling, but no I don’t mean the number that they tell you to put in your cell phone.  What I am talking about is disaster preparedness.  Is your family prepared?  Do you have a plan, emergency kit, etc?

Well we don’t.  I have always thought it would be a good idea to pack some things ICE but haven’t took the time to do it.  I was really rethinking my lack of preparedness Monday night.

You see 2 years ago we had a storm cellar put in, you know, just in case.  Well 2 years later it is still empty.  The only thing in it is a lantern, and a baker’s rack that I took out of the house.  We had not used before, until Monday night.

It was about 9:30 pm.  The Big Guy had dozed off in the recliner, Lil’ Bum was sleeping quietly in her bed and Baby Bum was next to me on our bed having just finished his bottle and fell asleep himself.  As I watched CSI-Miami I could see the state map in the corner of the TV but our county was showing no weather.  Can you believe it……………we had a high in the 70s on Monday.  Do you know what that means in my part of the world????  The possibility of tornadoes if the weather is right.  It was right Monday night.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed our county light up in red and quickly read underneath to learn we were under a Tornado Warning.  Oh Sh*T (yeah sorry that was really what I said).  I didn’t know what to do…….and then I faintly heard the cry of a distant tornado siren. 

I quickly woke the Big Guy and he agreed that we needed to take the children to the shelter and THEN find out what was happening.  As I run out the door with Baby Bum in tow I grabbed the Big Guy’s jacket from the chair and headed outside.  We got the children and Penny inside and then called my MIL to find out what was going on.

There were rotations in the air but none had touched down.  But get this, it went directly over our little rural community.  We remained in the cellar until the warning expired.

It was cold and the lantern had fallen leaving broken on the floor.  There were spiders.  Yes Hallie, there were creepy crawly spiders and I didn’t like it one bit, but I did think of you as I cringed in there presence.  The kids and Penny and I sat on the jacket that I had brought.  The Big Guy returned to the house for a blanket and chair.  Then we sat and waited.

While I sat and answered 10 million questions from Lil’ Bum as to why we were in there I began thinking about how unprepared we were.  What if a tornado had really hit.  We had no water, no blankets, no formula or snacks, no activities to occupy the children, and no where for them to sit and be comfortable.  I felt a little helpless.

An Emergency Kit may be my tackle for next week.

Here are some sites I found for tips on what to pack:


What has your family done to prepare?  Got any tips?  I love to hear your ideas and stories.

Note to add:  Lil’ Bum wasn’t a bit worried about her house being blown down.  Her only concern was that she didn’t want to sleep in there and Penny was hogging the blanket.

Oh last but not least, Mapper is having a contest over at her place so go on over and visit.

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  1. There are spiders in my basement too. I am glad I don’t have to go down there much. I am sure I am not as prepared as I need be, but there are some Ramen noodles no one likes out there. I’ve heard you can eat them raw. We would have to, because we have no water stored. That concerns me most. I want to stock up on bottled water. After seeing all the disasters nation wide, water is hard to come by sometimes. My parents have a well, but without electric to pump it, you’re screwed anyhow. (Actually we have a well too, but it’s broke, and same issue if it weren’t no electric in disaster). This is a good post. Make people think.
    I am working on my embarrassing post for you. Trying to think of a unique angle. Do I want to SHOCK you, or maybe just make people laugh… not sure!
    Thanks for playing traffic cop and directing some folks my way today. You rock.

  2. sigh… I have a lantern. And batteries for flashlights that I can never find. And thats about it. We do not have a basement/ cellar. I need to get some bottled water just in case. Befor enext hurricane season for sure.

    Thanks for making me think!

  3. I think I would have taken the tornado over the spiders. Seriosuly, I am that phobic. I am anxious right now just thinking about you all surrounded by them…


  4. What do you mean, you can’t believe I detagged someones underwear? They were maternity underwear and she weighs like 98 pounds and her body is rock hard and her kid (number 3 I might add) is practically in college!!

    That’s what friends do…..friends don’t let non-pregnant friends wear maternity underwear!!


  5. We went through several tornado warnings while living in Illinois and each time, it would seem that my husband would be out of town. We had a basement filled with crap, including an old sectional sofa. We put it in the safest corner of the basement and that was our disaster safety spot. Unfortunately, whenever we needed to use it, I would have to unbury it from all the new crap that was tossed into the basement!

    I think you have a great and important tackle ahead of you. Good luck!

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