Happy 40th Big Guy

We interrupt our regularly scheduled “Meet a Bum Monday” to wish one of our resident bums a Happy Birthday!  Today the Big Guy turns 40.  It doesn’t seem to phase him one bit.  We are planning on eating with family tonight so Lil’ Bum and I will be making a low sugar (he’s diabetic) cake for him tomorrow. 

I really tried to think of something special to get him for his birthday this year.  He’s not the easiest person to buy for and if you ask him he usually says not to get anything.  I really wanted to send him on a guided elk or deer hunt, but honestly, we couldn’t afford it.  They usually run around $2000.  I finally decided to send him on a guided bird hunt (quail, pheasant, chukar).  When I told him about it he seemed pretty happy with the decision.  He and Mikah used to hunt quite a bit in the day but she’s just not physically able now.

To update on our not so fun weekend, I think we will live.  Just for the info I have Bartholinitis.  Yes you can google it and find info with no pictures.  My fever is gone and I think the swelling has gone down a little.  Baby Bum’s ezcema is worst.  I talked to the doctor this morning and they want me to keep treating it and call on Wednesday if it is not better.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  He looks painful.  See for yourself:



It is on his ear, bottom, legs, feet, and even his little man part is a little red. I think the steriods are making him cranky too. The Big Guy took something away from him on Saturday and he threw a screaming fit. That is not like my happy little Baby Bum.

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  1. Oh bless his tiny little heart! The Boy has issues with this, but nothing to this degree! Oh this is making me just ache inside. And he is still smiling. Well, unless you take something from him….
    Happy bday to BB. Hope he kills something cool on his hunting excursion. I am in the mood to shoot a gun. I know… random thought. Just could go for some target shooting or something today. Misplaced aggression?? Who knows? Anyhow…
    Hope YOU feel better soon too. You need a Super Nanny flown in for a few days to give you a break so you can rest. Let me check my calendar…. Ok, I am free, now let me find my Jo Frost glasses and book a ticket….

  2. oh.. posted a few “embarrassing” things for you. Not soap, but I did mention you in reference to them.

  3. Poor little Baby Bum!! It looks awful! My littlest is dealing with some kind of rash right now too. Not exzema (sp) but just a rash. And temp. I am hoping it is not anything too bad. Planning a trip to the dr tomm if it is still there. Hope you all feel better soon and Happy bday to the big guy!

  4. He doesnt look cranky!! I’m so sorry such a cute little guy has to deal with this. I didnt realize eczema could be so ALL OVER .

    Keeping you all in my thoughts.

    Off to goggle your diagnosis!


  5. Poor baby bum! It makes me ache all over. I sure hope he gets better soon.

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