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I know.   The title isn’t the greatest but I just have a question.

I was playing on the Internet a second ago.  I went to Live Search and typed in “The Barn Bums”.  The very first entry under the featured link was a picture of Lil’ Bumin flickr helping to make PW’s cinnamon roll recipe.  That was it.

Next, I went to Yahoo and searched the same thing.  This time a link to the blog highlighting the Kitty aka Fatcrack aka Wilver story showed.

What determines the results of searches?  Did Lil’ Bum show up because that particular photo had been viewed 360 times thanks to a comment I left on Pioneer Woman Cooks?

What about Yahoo?  Just curious and have lots of learning to do.

Another last but not leastHallie is having a contest so get on over there and show her your creative side.  All you have to do is compose a Haiku about her handsome, brave, awesome son, Airman First Class Twomey.  Tracy, you being the poet and all, should go over and give it a go.  I guess I should try my hand so that I can take Mapper to dinner when she comes to be my Super Nanny for a while.

So what do you think of all the links? Just trying to send some love to friends.

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  1. Just linked from bossy’s link farm b/c I like barns (and so the title of yours got me interested). I have no idea what the answer to this question is, but I have on my shelf an almost 400 page book about search engines, so no doubt the answer is not a quick one–though wouldn’t it be great if it were and someone left that really short answer right here for both of us to read and use! I’ll check back for it:)

  2. I think you rock! (wonder when I think I’ll be too old to say ROCK! after everything – hopefully not until I’m 90!)

    Not sure I saw an entry from you yet. Whatcha waiting for? 😉

  3. I kind of hate search engines. They bring freaky people in too. I wrote that article about The Boy’s hair the other day, and you would not believe what someone searched for and ended up at my site because of. (I have software installed that allows me to peak at how certain search engines arrive at my site) I know they are a necessary evil, but really, I hate them.
    I think certain words will trigger them. And, if a page has more hits, it does move up in search order. (Stands to reason) If you had something that mentioned PW, of course it got more hits.
    Yes, we do need to go out to eat when I come. But I also cook. Most good nanny’s do you know 😉

  4. Oh, I am going to go check out that link for the contest! Thanks for thinking of me! I am kind of scared to see how people might search and find my blog. Some of the weird things I mention! Weirdos galore checkin me out….

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