She Ate What????

Prior to the birth of Baby Bum we suffered a rash of bad luck.   One of the first happenings of bad luck went a little something like this.

It was a dark night.  The ENTIRE Barn Bum family was quietly snoozing in one bed.  Needless to say, 8 month pregnant Momma Bum was not snoozing so well.  Sometime about midnight I hear the dreaded sound.  Penny, the Boston Terrier, was preparing to vomit.  I hurriedly got her out of the bed as she vomits in the floor.  I get up, clean up the mess, watch her for a minute and then go back to bed.  This continues to go on all night.  I try milk, I try 4 year old Phenagren (/), no luck.

She continues to vomit.

After successfully ruining our bed, carpet, towels etc. I finally stick her on the couch until 6 am.  I wake the family and inform the Big Guy of the nights ordeal and that I am not going into work until I take her to the veterinarian.

She continues to vomit.

She is miserable.  She is vomiting so hard she lays down when it happens.  Her face is swollen and I am sure she is having an allergic reaction.  At about 6:30 am I call the family vet (FIL) to get his opinion.  His first question is if she had eaten anything strange.  “Oh No” I said, “Penny doesn’t eat strange things.”  We end our call and I go to once again support her while she vomits.  This time there is something strange.  Something gray and rather large.  What could it be?


You know, one of those little metal toys that you play with. 

It just so happened that Lil’ Bum had earned a prize at Sunday School two days before.  What did she choose?  You got it!  A little metal jack set.  We had just played with it on Monday evening.  I had actually told her to pick them up off of the floor so we didn’t step on them.  She obeyed.  She put them on her t.v. tray.  Later, the Big Guy had her put the t.v. tray away at which time she dumped the jacks into the floor and Penny being the little glutton that she is thought they were food and gobbled them up before anyone could stop her.

Of course we didn’t know all of this when we went to bed that night.

Before we could make it to the vet’s office Penny managed to vomit 2 more jacks.  Do you know what the vet said when I told them what she had done??????  Take a wild guess.

She ate what???

That was generally everyone’s reaction to the news.

X-rays revealed that she had 2 more jacks in her stomach.  After giving her a chance to rid herself of them she went into surgery.  It was successful but she remained in the hospital until Friday.  I went to visit her that first afternoon but it was too hard.  She wanted to be held and fought when I tried to put her back into her cage.  I figured it was best for us both if I waited until she could go home.  At-least that way she didn’t have to  feel that I was abandoning her after each visit.

On Friday she was a happy go lucky girl.  She was so ecstatic as I wrote out the check for almost $700 as was I.  All joking aside, it was totally worth it.

That evening she completely forgot about her incision.  She quickly remember as it became sore from jumping onto the furniture.  Before the night was over she would just walk to the couch or bed and sit there with this pitiful look on her face.  I was happy to help.

Still to this day if we share the story with someone the first thing out of their mouths is, “She ate what????”.

Oh, and Lil’ Bum is forbidden to chose jacks as a prize at Sunday School for all eternity.


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  1. So if Lil Bum had chosen a tiny Bible, and the dog had eaten that, would we then conclude that animals could indeed be full of God’s word and filled with the spirit?
    Random questions like this plague me in life.

  2. That’s a good one.

    I don’t know the answer to that one but I do know she prays sometimes that I will unclench the deathgrip that Baby Bum has on her ear.

  3. She ate what???? LOL wow. I would not have thought she would get so sick from eating them…. I guess I would have just assumed she would pass them… yuck. I am glad she was ok!

  4. I am in love with your dog – we came so close to getting a Boston before adopting our second dachshund. Glad jacks are forbidden from your house – that didnt sound like a fun experience!!

    Funny about the YOU ROCK statement. Just the other day, as I was blogging, I thought to myself, “Hallie, do you think you use the term YOU ROCK a lot?” I guess we know the answer is yes!! 🙂

    I’ll have to have a t-shirt made 🙂


  5. I know how hard it is when something bad happens to your pets because they are like your kids. So glad she is okay.

  6. […] story of the week leading to Baby Bum’s birth is another installment of the bad luck we had leading up to the special […]

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