Week In Review

1.  Baby Bum is in week 2 of crawling.100_1768

He is fast and he is determined.  I think I’m going to get several gray hairs from this kid.  We bragged that he was our easy baby…….maybe we should rephrase that statement.  He is very easy going but he is already in to EVERYTHING.  We didn’t babyproof our home for Lil’ Bum.  We will be doing it very soon. 

Baby Bum’s ezcema looks awesome or should I say non-existent.  Aquaphor ointment is great stuff.  I really think that is what turned it around.  He has been much happier since everything cleared up.

He is also cutting 2 teeth.  These will make 4 total.

2.  Lil’ Bum has figured out that her brother can be a pest.

She gets frustrated when she is trying to play and he destroys her set up. We’ve been taking turns playing games with her. One wrangles the baby while the other plays Candy Land.

She has got a little cold but seems to be feeling fine.

3.  Penny has taken a liking to Baby Bum’s carseat.  She slept most all day in it today.

4.  Mr. Bum and I learned a very important lesson this week.  When your incontinent bird dog stops sleeping on the back porch and in her dog house DO NOT forget to change her bedding on a regular basis.   Just because you don’t smell the leaking doesn’t mean it stop.  When you finally do change the bedding you might will gag .  Mr. Bum thought I was being a baby but when he picked up the old bedding I could see it in his eyes.  His stomach was churning just like mine.. 

5.  Mr. Bum flies through the air and rolls across the pasture quite gracefully.

When the neighbors kids decided to shoot fireworks in the wooded area next to your pasture our frightened fillies did this.



 After Mr. Bum chased them around for 45 minutes trying to get them seperated from the older horses because Tex, ourstud, was chasing them in circles, Mr. Bum started getting pretty upset.  And when he finally caught one filly and was walking  her to the pen and Tex started chasing the other filly scaring the caught filly he got more upset.  It was only in the 20’s today.   And as she ran she pulling Mr. Bum along behind her she became tangled in the lead rope falling and slinging Mr.  Bum across the pasture.  He rolled a couple of times and it was at this moment it would not have been a good time for the neighbors to show up for a visit.

Now he is laughing.  He admits the filly really whipped his butt.  It took him a little while longer but he has also admitted to being sore.

I am sure the fillies are a little sore as well.  The escaped any major injury but did get a few wounds.


That skin should be black.

Here they are consoling one another.

We were really lucky they weren’t hurt more than this. They could have easily broken a leg.

So I guess really we had an uneventful week.  Not!

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  1. Cute kid, cute kid, cute dog, gross dog story, ouch horses. And finally, go Mr. Bum, way to run them down ya old man you.

  2. Exciting week! I used to have the exact same car seat for The Boys! Your little ones are adorable, as always…

  3. Good lord – don’t you people know how to lay low?

    Hallie 🙂

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