Meet a Bum Monday – Baby Talk

I had planned to go in order of oldest to youngest but since Baby Bum is officially 7 months old today what better person to talk about.


The story of the week leading to Baby Bum’s birth is another installment of the bad luck we had leading up to the special day.

He was due on June 28th. The doctor and I had tentatively scheduled for inducement on the 21st if my body was ready. To put it mildly, I felt like crap. He had been playing heck with my hips and he was face up which was causing my all kinds of back pain. I had decided to take off the entire week of inducement to relax and get ready.

So, we are scheduled for inducement on Thursday and I was more than ready. The angelic lady that is our house-keeperhad visited for the first time on the prior Friday. Lil’ Bum and I had planned to make a trip to Wal-Mart to stock up on food and necessities. I was feeling pretty positive about everything. A clean house and we would be ready for the big day.

We were all ready to leave for town but the rain was falling hard. We decided to wait until it let up a little. The shear volume of rain that was falling was surreal. I stood at the back doors watching the horses and the water that was running everywhere.  We had previously had problems with our drive washing so I went to the front to check it out.  As I stepped onto the rug at the front door rug my feet became wet.

We had water coming in the front door.  The carpet near the front door was also wet. I called Mr. Bum for help. While we waited for him to come home I took some boards and tried to detour the water away from the door. My efforts were in vain. Shortly before he arrived I walked into our living room and realized that half of our living room was soaked.  The water was also in our master bedroom and closet.  

After I broke the news to him he immediately started digging a trench in our front yard for drainage. The amount of water was so overwhelming that as it hit our house it came in through the foundation. It is something that had never and may never happen again.

He made a phone call to our insurance agent and his mother and went back to work.  I didn’t want to be alone so she came to stay  and help get the small things up.  Very shortly after Mr. Bum returned to work he learned that our insurance policy didn’t cover floods.  He then arranged for a cleaning service to come out and they were there in a jiffy.

It was going to cost at-least $1000 to dry our carpet and then we would still run the risk of mold.  I couldn’t bring a new baby into a moldy house.  We thanked him and sent him away.  What happened next was a little unnerving.  My nice clean house got completely turned upside down.  Mr. Bum and his mother moved all of the furniture into other rooms and took up all of the soaked carpet.  We couldn’t even get to the refrigerator to get Lil’ Bum a sandwich.  That first night we couldn’t stay there.  The next day we moved a few things onto the slab and stayed.  Just try to imagine being miserably pregnant and having your house completely messed up.  You would be proud of me though, I only broke down 1 time.

Lil’ Bum and I spent the remainder of the afternoon picking up fans and selecting new carpet.  The people at the carpet place were awesome.  They moved us forward on the installation list and had our carpet laid the same day Baby Bum was born. 

After the little guy’s birth Mr. Bum’s entire family went to our house and put everything back in place.  When we arrived home a couple of days later everything was neat and clean.  It was great to be home, to a nice normal clean house. 

Baby Bum has been a blast for us all.  He is always smiling and full of energy.  He has started crawling recently and the kid is everywhere.  He has no fear and the whole house is open for his exploration.

This post was started on Monday but the kids and I had the day off and they didn’t give me much computer time. 

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  1. I like Carpet Baby, I mean Baby Bum. He’s a cutie pie. What does he like toy wise? Does he have favorites? Foods? Tell us more about the littlest Bum….

  2. I didn’t think this post through very well. I was so inspired last night when I began and then a sleepy little Baby Bum found me at the computer and it was all over. He crawls to you and then either sits down or puts his head between your legs to get you to pick him up. It is so cute.

    I think his favorite toy is his sister. He lights up when he sees her. They play peek-a-boo and she will crawl and he will follow. He loves musical toys. He also loves water. The kid loves baths, except for the time he thought he could lie down in the tub and got a face full of water. He definitely wanted out then.

    His tastes are so different from his sister’s. She loved fruit the most but he loves peas and cereal. He has started liking other veggies and eats fruit mixed with rice cereal but peas are his all-time favorite. I have let him start trying biter cookies and got some of those Gerber puff snacks. He just laughs with excitement when he tries new textures.

    I had been letting him have juice and a little table food tastes but after the skin outbreak we stopped those for a while. Juice was the only thing that he was really having more of that was different so we will hold off for a while and try again later.

  3. So nice to meet the littlest Bum! Sounds like you had one heck of a time while you were in the midst of being preggers. Good to know that it all turned out ok! The Baby at my house thinks his brother is a big toy as well….

  4. […] to anyone stumbling upon this website who is not interested in seeing pictures of cute babies and cute booger eating little girls, and hearing the stories of mommyhood and family life you […]

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