Cutie Pie

I found some old photos of Lil’ Bum that I thought I would share.

Summer 2005

Winter of 2005

This is Lil’ Bum in her baptism dress.

This was the summer of 2006.  She loved Ruby.

Lil’ Ham

And lastly I share with you one of the most precious moments in my life. The day that my children met. It was love at first sight.


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  1. How precious! And I finally get to see a pic of you, too! (Since you never did get around to posting one when it was meet you day…) (LOL)
    I know that the day my kids met… each one… was so special. And you can see she loved him right from the start!

  2. Hey! WOW! YOU! I mean, yes, sweet precious Lil Bum and all, but wow, you put pictures of YOU! I am so proud!
    FYI, she is too dang cute for words! I love the one of you and she together! And the tongue out one it adorable 🙂

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