Search Engine Visits

I still don’t get a great deal of traffic, maybe an average of 25 hits a day, but my search engine hits are increasing.  Most of the searches are pretty harmless but a few make me cringe

From today:

cute kids in a barn photos– AWWWWW

big bums – I picture a large greasy guy sitting at a computer still living with mom

carpet clean – I could definitely use some tips on this subject


baby bum swollen – I hope they took that baby to the doctor

airman twomey– Yeah CJ

things to put in your bum – I picture teenagers with too much free time

So to anyone stumbling upon this website who is not interested in seeing pictures of cute babies and cute booger eating little girls, and hearing the stories of mommyhood and family life you probably need to leave.  We are not real big on putting things in our bums (unless medically necessary) and sharing photos of our big bums here at the Barn Bum residence.

What is your strangest search engine hit?

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  1. “Haired Man”
    I had a post about The Boy having wild hair and had titled it “Wild Haired Man”

  2. I wonder what exactly they were looking for when they searched “Haired Man”. That one scares me a little. 🙂

  3. Someone found you through Airman Twomey? How freakin cool is that!!

    The things to put in your bum is just so very wrong…Imagine if your hits crossed with my hits? Pierce wieners to put in your bum!!


  4. Don’t even think of all of our hits together… ewww now that is just plain WRONG!

  5. Humongous nipples. And mom boobs. I kid you not. Maybe I need to stop talking about breast feeding…….

  6. thinking of you, hope you had a good weekend w/ mom

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