Meet a Bum Monday – Milestones

Not that you don’t already know her quite well, but keeping with the tradition, meet Lil’ Bum.  As I know I’ve mention recently she will be turning 4 in about 2 weeks.  It doesn’t seem like 4 years has come and gone.


I honestly couldn’t tell you when she started sleeping through the night as a baby, wait…..she still doesn’t.  I know I’m prejudiced but she is an extremely smart child.  I feel like she has talked since exiting the womb.  Her first word was Penny.  Some of her more memorable words have been stunk (skunk) and sh*t (I blame this one on her dad).

She is a very confident, headstrong child which is good in many ways but definitely has its drawbacks.  She frequently outsmarts me.

Her absolute favorite food is chickennuggetsfrenchfriesandketchup.  Yes, it is all one word and yes, it is from McDonald’s.  She also loves spaghetti, weinies and square cheese (American slices).  Oh, and how could I have forgot, she loves cream (whipped cream).  Her favorite drinks are pop (diet dr pepper), strawberry milk, Sunny D, and mix-up pop (just put a little of everything from the fountain).

She has a pretty good singing voice for a young child.  She loves to entertain.  Almost daily she changes clothes and puts on some type of music and dances for us.  For some reason she felt the need to dance without a shirt on this weekend.  I swear I don’t know where she got it from.  I accused Mr. Bum of letting her watch something not so G-rated while they were home on Friday but unless Tigger did a strip dance I don’t think that was it.

She loves outdoors.  She frequently assists Mr. Bum with feeding the cows and horses.  We have 2 nurse cows and when their babies are small she loves to get in the pen and play with them.  The last time we bought a couple of calves Lil’ Bum went along for the ride.  Since she would end up with the profits from one of the calves for her savings account Mr. Bum decided to let her pick out her calf.  Right now you can stand on our back porch and see all of the cows in the pasture.  All are black with a few white spots except for Lil’ Bum’s calf.  Her calf looks like a Dalmatian.  He is solid white with small black spots.  Does that make him the black sheep white cow of the family?

This weekend was sort of a milestone in Lil’ Bum’s life.  Now that she is older there are things that big girls are able to do.  Like…………………………..

Piercing their ears!!!!

She was such a trooper.  She was so determined to be brave that she wouldn’t let herself cry.  I could tell that she was fighting it so I assured her that it was okay to cry.  She instead buried her head in my shoulders until it was better.  She is so proud.

She liked the bright pink best.

Her Mimi and Papaw S were down and they bought her some extra pairs of earrings for when it is time to change them.

Stick around this here blog and you will learn lots and lots more about Miss Lil’ Bum.

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  1. This is your best post EVER. I loved this. She is so precious. I wish she and The Girl could have a tea party or run and play. I know they would be good buddies!

  2. She is simply adorable. I love the excitement in her face!

    Hallie 🙂

  3. The Boy came in and looked at her picture. He smiled real big and tried to reach the monitor. She has a secret admirer in MS! LOL

    Great pics and post. She is soooooo cute!

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