No Tackles

Sorry, but I have no tackles to report today.  Since last Wednesday I have been in constant clean up mode.    In 4 days time I washed every set of sheet we own 3 times.  Also, with 4 days of stinky yellow baby diarrhea I have probably changed 2 million diapers and changed a little boys clothes about 5 times a day.

 On Saturday Mr. Bum was down with the sickness, not the song, the flu.  Saturday night found my mother praying to the porcelain gods.  Let me tell you, my house is the place to visit right now.

 Enough with the whining.

 Guess what!!  I am feeling a little moved to write a piece about my family history.  Maybe a poem, maybe a short story.  I have the subject and I have all these words running through my head.  I’m not sure when I will have it ready to read.  I hope its worth the wait, I am not a writer.

 This may be all for today.  Soon we are taking Baby Bum to the doctor because its not enough that he just finally recovered from the stomach flu, he now must run fever.

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  1. I have a gift for you at my site, come grab it my friend!

  2. One more thing… you ARE a writer 🙂

  3. Well, it sounds to me like you tackled enough this week! Dealing with sickness and getting through it sane is enough of a tackle…. hope ya’ll feel better soon!

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