When will I care again.

Remember the days, long, long ago, when your appearance was way up there on your list of priorities????

Before the birth of Lil’ Bum I tried to keep a nice appearance.  Funky red, brown, and blonde highlighted hair, fiberglass nails, plucked eyebrows, regularly shaven armpits and legs.  Heck back then I even moisturized regularly and painted my toenails, and usually I had a nice tanning bed tan.

After the birth of Lil’ Bum I was a little more laid back.  I still tried to dress hip and stylish.  The hair and nails were still done and at times I had the tan.  I was still trying to hold onto my old identity.  Showing a little cleavage every so often.  I was still trying to be hot.

 Well, things have definitely changed alot.  Sometimes I feel I have let things go too much.  It regularly amazes me that Mr. Bum still has the hots for me because HOT I am not.

Now I can atleast say that I am not longer wearing maternity underwear and only occasionally maternity shirts but the wanna-be foxy momma has left the building and I don’t know if she can find her way back.

I do atleast shower everyday.  During the week I manage makeup and hair.  The highlights are gone except for the minimal blond that is left on the ends.  The artificial nails, how I miss them.  Although they look a whole lot better than my knawed off nubs I currently have, they are less hassle and money.  As far as moisturizing and perfumes…..what are those?  Oh, is moisturizer that creamy stuff that would have prevented my legs from becoming horribly dry and prevented that burning sensation…..that’s burning sensation on my LEGS people….get your minds out of the gutter.

 Last night as I sat in the floor playing with the kids and my horribly dry skin started to sting I decided to take a few minutes and jump in the tub.  I had almost forgotten how to work the faucet.  It is mostly really quick showers nowadays.  As I sat there soaking in bath oil, buffing the thousands of layers of dry skin off my neglected feet I realized how much I’ve have let myself go.

It is just so hard to care for your children, etc. and make time for the personal things.  All I seem to manage is a quick shower in the morning and about 15 minutes for hair, makeup and clothes, then its ready the kids and hit the road.  In the evening its the last thing I think about.

Will I ever feel feminine and foxy again?

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  1. Very good question… one I ask myself daily! I remember after my first one started school I really began feeling better. I think having time for yourself makes a big difference. I am getting on the weight loss kick in preperation of one day feeling foxy again… I’ll let you know if it ever happens! LOL

    We are all Hot Mamas!

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