Light Snow

It is sooooo cold here right now.  I know that 19 degrees probably seems warm to Pam and Hallie, but to me it is dang cold.  Our wind alone makes any cold day almost unbearable.

We had a light snow fall yesterday.  It covered a little but not enough to make a little girl happy.  I knew there was a possibility of it so I took my camera to work with me.  Here are just a couple of shots of the stairs and tree outside the second floor door.

Light Snow
This is the tree that grows up to our second floor exit.  I like how the leaves acted as little bowls to catch the snow.

Another picture of the leaves.

Just a Dus
This was a perfectly dusted stairway until a group of freedom hungry mean used it to escape.  I never use this stairway.  I am terrified of falling off of it.

The one picture that I am kicking myself for not getting is of Lil’ Bum dressed for dance.  She had her hair in a makeshift bun, a frilly pink tutu and purple snow-boots over her pink tights.  It was so cute but I completely forgot to stop and take the picture.  I was a little more concerned with not busting my behind while trying to get her to dance class.

 Hurry on over to Tracy’s blog.  She’s having a giveaway and it’s well worth the time to enter.  She is giving away a beautiful jewelry set that was handmade by a very impressive young lady (her daughter).

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  1. LOVE the pictures! I wish I could really experience snow one time. Here, it snowed the other day (!) but it was mostly slush. I have never really seen REAL snow.

    Thanks for the linky love!

  2. Well Ms. Jess, it was actually kind of warm here today. But, they had a “snow day” because we had an inch or more of ice covering everything when we awoke. I did get cold again tonight. But 19 sounds mighty chilly to me! I liked your snow pictures, thanks buddy!

  3. 19 degrees does NOE seem warm to me!! I hate cold weather and anything below 60 is chilly!!

    Hallie 🙂

  4. Would liked to have seen lil bum. The snow pics were great. wish we would get snow. All we eever get is an ice storm that melts into a nasty slush and power outages.

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