Just a Swingin’

We had an unusually warm weekend.  It was pretty nice except for our usual wind.  Mr. Bum spent most of the day welding, but came in early enough to play with the kids.

He made the frame for their swing set.  I had at first thought I wanted a fancy cedar set but I’m glad we didn’t.  This thing is stout.  The baby swing was Lil’ Bum’s and the other swing was an extra from their cousin’s set.

Lil’ Bum was a little ham.
Baby Bum stayed very quiet.  He kept his eyes fixed on his sister as they passed each other.

Can you see the mischief in Mr. Bum’s eyes.  He was trying to deter me from taking his picture.  He didn’t realize that I was zoomed in on his face.  He was telling me I was #1 with a not so nice hand gesture.  I think he’s even handsome when he’s covered in dirt and making naughty hand signs.

Well I have good and bad news.  The good news is – we sold the fillies.  The bad news is – we sold the fillies.  The family that bought them seemed very happy.  They also had a young boy that was very proud.  They intend to teach them to team rope.  I am glad they are together but I always hate to see them go.  Get ready for pictures.  The new colts will start arriving in a couple of months.

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  1. These are fantastic pics!! Both kids (and hubby) look awesome!!

    Sorry about the horses but congrats on the horses! Good and bad, huh?


  2. Very nice pictures Ms. Bum you. Sad about the horses, great about the horses….

  3. Thanks on everything guys. I am trying to stop and grab the camera more. I want to work on my photography and instead working on it with the camera I have I kept waiting until I could afford a new one. I have a pretty good point and click and I need to take more pics of the kids anyway.

    The horse thing always gets me. Its like , Yeah money, Aww the kids are gone. You can’t help but get attached and the anticipation for their birth is like waiting for a family member. Your concerned, excited, and worried.

  4. I acn understand the mixed feelings. When I was little we lived on a working farm. No horses (except my pony) but we had cows, pigs, chickens, etc. I always fell in love with the animals even though I KNEW they were for meat. It was always sad.

    At least the fillies went to a good home!

    You take great pictures. I have always wanted to get into photography more. Maybe now that I have the new camera… LOL

  5. I liked seeing the kids Just a Swingin . It looked like they were having fun. Glad to see the fillies go to a good home. i know you will miss them. I don’t think I could go through that. I would get to attached.

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