Kitty Kitty Gumball

So guess what we got in the mail week before last (yeah, I know, very late). Here’s a hint.  We received it from Secret Agent Josephine. That’s right! It was none other than Gumball the Kitty and he’s taking over our home.  Your good at guessing, psychic maybe……oh I see….the post is titled Gumball. He and Lil’ Bum became homeys at first sight. 000_0090 With Baby Bum on the other hand it wasn’t so pleasant.  Gumball had the nerve to trespass on B Bum’s turf so he had to taken down. 000_0093000_0092 He found safety up in Mimi’s Hood….. 000_0094 but soon ditched the hood and joined up with the rival gang. We haven’t seen him since.000_0096 He didn’t go without leaving us something to remember him by. 000_0097 Bad Kitty!  Bad Bad Kitty! Yeah I know, I’m a dork.  I was having a silly moment last night.  Bet you laughed though.  It may have only been from the fact that I’m a dork but you smiled just the same.  We have had fun with our little Gumball.  He’s a cutie. Look for more adventures of Gumball in the future.

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  1. You made me giggle! Thanks, I needed that. Very cute! Can’t wait to see more of the adventures of gumball….

  2. Did I miss something? What is that?

    Hallie 🙂

  3. precious 🙂

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