Me, Politically Savy – Yeah Right!

I hate to admit this, but I am probably one of the most politically uniformed people in America.  Part of has to do with chasing children and no free time and part of it has to do with not understanding.  The light has just never come on when it comes to politicians and politics.  Come to think of it, I often wonder if the light is on at all lately.

So, I want to know what you think.

How do you stay up to date on the world of politics?

Do you regularly vote or don’t take the time?

How do you feel about the presidential candidates and who are you planning on voting for?

Oh, and can someone explain Super Tuesday to me?  Was anything determined by that or was it just to get an idea?  We had every intention to vote, hell, our poling place was just right down the road, but we are complete losers and got caught up in stuff and forgot.  I am a horrible citizen.  I hope after posting this they don’t come and revoke my citizenship.

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  1. I can do none of what you asked – I think I am less informed than you.

    I still miss Ross Perot and his kick ass pie charts! Man, could that little dude spit out a fabulous graph or what!!

    I’ll vote for anyone at this point who will stop Shmoops from going to Iraq.


  2. I feel the same way. I’m in awe when–on very rare occasions–I’m with other adults and they open their mouths and a whole string of pros and cons come out, punctuated by recent speeches given that they heard on NPR. I feel guilty too b/c I take very seriously the history of those who weren’t white and male having to fight so hard for the right to vote–not that long ago in the grand scheme of things.

    So to “keep up,” I feel like I’m doing ok if I at least know where someone stands on the basics. There are tons of websites up now where you can answer some questions and see on the big issues and see who you’re most like. I’m like Hallie, I’m pretty sold on anyone, even a cat, who can keep Shmoops and others from going to Iraq. Second to that I look at their stance on abortion, gay marriage, and health care to get a sense of what they think about human beings in general. That’s where my information ends, I’m afraid. And that’s kind of my take on it for those of us who feel too swamped with real life to catch up on all the particulars–if you have a few issues you feel passionately about, then pick the candidate who most realizes your stance. The chances are probably pretty good that you’ll agree on the other things, even though you’re too busy to know what those other things are right now.

  3. I think we should speak privately on this one! haha You may not want me on a soap box on your blog.
    Yes, I vote. I am involved locally, statewide and nationally. I don’t believe all politicians are bad either. (Did you hear the giant gasp!)
    I have strong views on moral issues, but I also feel strongly about social ones as well. I think if we want to be safe we have to take action and not reaction like we were forced to do after 9-11.
    As for the current presidential candidates, I am not thrilled with anyone. But then, you will never find anyone to agree with you 100% of the time, so it is usually a process of who do you agree with the most, and sadly, sometimes who do you NOT want the most. I could privately tell you THAT in a millisecond! (will email!)
    So much focus is put on president, but really, the other races are so important. Issues that effect you are local and statewide. And you know, we could have the best or worst president in the world and if the congress is opposing him, it would not matter. So, people need to take that into greater account and stop blaming a president and start voting people to help a president into office.
    I saw a great man in my state get taken out by a lazy one for senator this year. It broke my heart. People said they wanted change, yet what they really want is to complain. If you want to be safe, you have to be willing to work for it. I fear for our country because the minute we decide to let down our guard again, that is when the same people who have been laying in wait will come at us again.
    I am done being on my soapbox now… I will email you a few thoughts privately later.

  4. I’m in the same boat as you (as you know! LOL). I have tried some of the quiz sites where they tell you which candidate you are the most like. And I am shocked at the results! I still have no idea. I have tried finding out as much as possible during nap time (LOL) and have found NO ONE who really floats my boat, so to speak. I guess I am stuck voting for the one I hate the least this year. Let me know if you get any good sites to check out! One I tried was:

    and also:

    Although I am not sure how much help they really were. The first one more than the second I think. Good luck!

  5. I do vote, though I am not involved in politics personally, as in I don’t do any door to door stuff or attend party meetings or anything like that. I watch a couple news channels and check out some stuff online. And at this point, I have not decided who I am going to vote for. Not a big fan of any of them at this point.

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