Happy Birthday Princess

I can’t believe you are growing so fast.  It just seems like yesterday that you were crawling around and lying in the floor having your morning bottle as I got ready for work.

 This year have brought so many changes for us all.  The biggest change of course was your brother.  I would say that my favorite memory of this past year was and will always be the look on your face when you say Baby Bum for the first time.  I still get chills when I picture it.  I was pure and perfect love at first site.  I can still see glimpses of that look in between the times you are yelling for me to get him out of your stuff.  You turned out to be an awesome big sister.  I may have heck getting you to pick up your toys or clean your room, but you will drop anything to help with your brother.    He, and I, are lucky to have you.

You have had many accomplishments this year.   Probably the most life changing was potty training.  Although you weren’t an early trainer when we finally did buckle down it was a breeze.  I truly believe that each child has their own time.  Every-time we tried in the previous year it was accident after accident.  When we finally started at about 39 months you had 1 accident.  Great Job!!!

There are so many things that I could tell as being a memory that will forever be etched in my mind but that would take forever so I will just share a few.

1.  During my pregnancy with your brother, hormones and exhaustion got the best of me.  I had a little bit of a tantrum, during which I threw a newspaper at your father.  My tears alarmed you and you immediately blamed your father.  Even after I explained that he had done nothing wrong you still blamed him and wouldn’t have anything to do with him.  I know this is bad but I was so touched.  We did eventually get you to ligthen up.

2.  During the same pregnancy you and I took a shower together one day.  You pretended to shave my legs during the shower.  Seems pretty uneventful but you were involved so of course it wasn’t.  The funny part comes in when later that evening your daddy asked you what we had done that day.  Your answer was, “Momma shaved her Thang.”  Daddy still rubs that one in.  I don’t know what made you say that but I still worry that you went to school and told them the same thing.

3.  You have been a big help to Daddy with the nurse calves.  When the weather is nice you often accompany him every evening.  Daddy had just returned from Memaw and Paw’s house with one dose of Baytril for a sick calve.  He invited you to go with him.  After only 10 minutes I saw the two of you making your way back up to the house.  You were in tears and Daddy had a look of humor mixed with a little irritation on his face.  Apparently he thought it was a good idea to let you hold the syringe while he got the calf.  Your 3 year old curiosity caused you to squeeze the entire contents of the syringe out from underneath the protective cap.  After Daddy left to go get yet another dose I tried to console you.  I explained that you weren’t in trouble and asked why you were crying.  You explained to me that you had upset Daddy and when I asked had he gotten on to you, you said, “No, but Daddy said sh*t!”  I guess that mean it was serious business.

 You have definitely made my life worth living.  I better not forget to add that you have helped to give me some grays hairs.

Happy Birthday Miss Sassy Pants Prissy Pot!

Love Momma

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  1. Well, learned a little about her and you too 😉


  2. WOW! Love the new look of the blog!!! Lurvs it!

    Happy day Lil’ Bum!

  3. pretty theme

  4. I like the new look too. I love these kinds of posts when people just talk openly about their kids. They’re so sweet and real. And I lol’d at the Thang comment. As if you could even see it to shave it when you’re pregnant! Happy Birthday to your little bum.

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