Step 2 and Then Some

Don’t worry.  There will be no tantrums here today.  Or at-least none so far.  Just a little info on my journey to blog stardom.  🙂

 So, I told you the other day that I finally purchased my domain (you can click it right now but there’s not much there.

 Well the next step was web hosting.  I got some great recommendations and decided to go with Surpass Hosting.  You really can’t beat their price of $6/month.  Don’t worry, I learned from FireMom over at StopDrop&Blog that she has been using Surpass for a while now and has had no problems.  She also has had no problems with the hosting and WordPress.  If you decide to go check them out be sure to visit  There is a host called Surpass and I have not input on their service.

As I’ve probably told you before, I know nothing about CSS or websites so this has been a bit of a challenge.  I know I can learn it all.  It may take 100 years but I will persevere.

On to the Then Some:

My first step after purchasing web hosting was to point my domain to the host.  This is done by redirecting your nameservers.  I was able to do this easily using the instructions given by my domain registrar, GoDaddy.

Next I wanted to install the WordPress blog software. To be honest it was pretty easy as well.  Now that that taken care of I’m a little lost.

Some tools that I plan to utilize in the learning process are OhMyStinkinHeck’s   tutorials titled WordPress Wednesdays and my friend Pam.  Get ready Pam the phone calls and emails are getting ready to commence.

At this point, any and all advice and/or direction would be greatly appreciated and just to give you a little something entertaining after this edition of Dumb Butt Meets Techie I have posted Lil’ Bum’s b-day pics up over on flickr.

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  1. This dumb butt techie can’t figure why people are getting errors at her site 😦

    You can call anytime, no need to wait for computer issues.

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day. If we were in grade school I would save one of those big ones for you. And I would attach good candy, not some stupid lollipop no one wants 🙂

  3. Happy V-day!! Hope you have a great one.

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