Bum Interesting Family Fun

I strongly believe that if I were allowed to work from home I would die as a blogger.  I can’t seem to set aside quiet time to generate a post.  I have been home with the children since Thursday evening and there has been little done in the Bum family’s cyber home.  Our one hope would be that if I were regularly home we would establish a routine that would allow blogging.

On to the Bum Interesting stuff:

 *In the last 4 days my family alone has produced enough  nasal mucous to fill an in-ground swimming pool.  The little guy who snotted out the shallow end is not an easy one to have his nosed wiped so it usually ends up on my shirt when he wants to give me love.

* Lil’ Bum has been moonlighting as a Hannah Montana impersonator.


*When your baby is trying to cut 2+ teeth you will try anything. Orajel seems to be highly recommended to relieve this pain. If applying the ointment on the gums doesn’t cut it you may try using the tube as a teether.  If that doesn’t seem to help your just screwed because he is going back after your furniture.

*Mr. Bum has shared from time to time the unsettling feeling that someone is watching him when he comes home from work.  He just couldn’t figure who.  Well mystery solved………..


Where’s the grub?

He should know from personal experience not to mess around when it comes to feeding a gestating woman. Pick up your feet man this Momma needs to eat.

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  1. Snotting the shallow end? Classic! Love it. Sorry to hear that there is so much mucus in your world. I too have taken ill – I currently have a molten river of lava running down my throat and an elephant sitting on my chest.


  2. I don’t remember which blog I read it on …. yes I do! Check out this post about hurting noses….

    I hope yall feel better soon soon soon. And btw, all of my shirts for the past week are snot covered too. Fun, innit?

  3. I wanna sing with Hannah Montana! Woo Hoo! She’s got the besttttt of both world’s….

    Been missing ya, glad you didn’t fall into the mucus pool!

  4. What cuties they are! those big dark eyes. And the wrist wrinkles make me want to scoop up that little one. The snot sure is going around this winter, isn’t it?

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