Life at 4: Let’s play pretend!

Lil’ Bum has always been big on imagination.  We have had many laughs listening to her stories or spying as she plays.  Lately we do a great deal of pretending.   We do make believe cooking, birthday parties, grocery shopping, etc.  That’s all fine and good but I have just one problem………If I am going to play, how come I can’t join in the pretending?  My every word is feed to me from the mouth of a 4 year old.  I am told what to say and when to say it. 

Here is dialogue that is an everyday occurrence at out home:

LB:  Okay, when I sit down you ask me what my babies name is.

MB:  What’s your babies name?

LB:  No not yet!

MB: (sits and waits)

LB:  Now Momma!  Ask me what’s my babies name!

MB:  What’s your babies name?

LB:  Leeseea ???

LB:  Who’s that?  (pointing in the direction of an oblivious Baby Bum knawing on a chair)  Is that your baby?

MB:  Yes

LB:  What is his name?

MB:  Bill

LB:  No it’s not!

MB:  Yes it is!  I can call him what I want.  He’s my baby.

LB:  NO, his name is Baby Bum!  What’s your name?

MB:  Henryetta

LB:  (obvious irritation on her face)  No, your name is Momma Bum.

MB:  Well then your name is Bob Sue.  (I ride this one until she’s so mad she doesn’t want to play anymore)  🙂

The thing I fear is that Baby Bum will lack his own imagination, what, with his sister telling him where to drive his Hot Wheels who needs their own he’ll just use her’s.

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  1. No one told me where to drive my Hot Wheels, and I had an older sister JUST like her! He’ll be just fine. I bet he turns out super normal, just like me. Oh wait… I was trying to reassure you, I may have made things worse… ut oh

  2. We used to always call Connor “Peter” when he was young just to make him crazy! We had so much fun but boy did he get mad!! 😉


  3. Hey, I tagged you… come see the game…

    Photo Tag

    Play with me 🙂

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