Wonderful Sleep

I hope I’m not jumping the gun here.  Hopefully my sharing this wonderful news doesn’t jinx me.  I just can’t contain my excitement.  Guess what I’ve gotten these last few days……that’s right……sleep.

How you ask.  Well let me tell you a little story. 

Back in December when Baby Bum contracted RSV our wonderful full nights of sleep vanished.  From then on out I was dealing with a little guy who woke up 2, maybe 3 times a night.  Last week, with the arrival of 2 new teeth, it was even worse.

On to the rest of the story.  My in-laws purchased us a beautiful cradle for the birth of Lil’ Bum.  It took the place of a bassinet and was big enough to use up until about 6 months.  With Baby Bum though I had yet to move him into his crib.  It was just easier to have him in our bed.  Our first problem arose when about 6 weeks ago he began crawling.  He took off like a flash and we soon learned would crawl off the bed before you realized what was happening.  This fact left me sleeping so lightly.

Our next problem arose when Baby Bum began sitting up and next standing.  The sides of the cradle are only about 10 inches so he could easily lean over and fall out.  You can only imagine my panic when Monday I went to get him from a nap to find him standing in the cradle leaning out over the side.  It was then I knew he had to move.

For his safety we HAD to move him to his crib.  The problem was that when I had previously put him down for a nap in his crib he would scream bloody murder when he awoke.

Monday night we made our first attempt.  He only lasted 1 hour and was back in our bed.  Tuesday evening after his bath I put him in to familiarize him with the crib and he did well.  I even left him to get my camera and he never got upset.  So, Tuesday night about 10:30pm I put him in.  Your not gonna believe this.  I still barely can…………………………

He slept until ……………………………..4:30am.  You may think that is still early but let me tell you…………I think that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Besides the couple of times I got up to check on him I got to relax in my own bed for 6 whole hours.  All I had to do was relax and sleep.  No worrying if my son was going to crawl out or if our bed would soon be overcrowded by 4 bodies (5 counting the dog).

Get this though.  I just knew it was too good to be true so last night when I lay him down I thought the worst.  I put him down about 9:30pm and he didn’t get up until 4am this morning.

Oh the sweet thing that is sleep.  How I’ve missed the.

I almost forgot.  Mr. Bum and I are going to celebrate our 7 year anniversary tomorrow night with our first ever trip to a casino and a night alone in a hotel.  I bet you can guess what we will be doing besides losing $50 a piece………………..That’s right!!!  Sleeping!!!!

What???  You thought we would be having sex?????  Whatever!  I want me some childless sleep  😉

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  1. You CANNOT waste that time having sex!!! You can have sex any ol’ time. I’ll be so disappointed in you if you don’t use this totally rare opportunity to sleep! Although the last two times in the past 7 or so months that I’ve gotten to sleep in, I felt sick all day. How horrible is that? And so unfair. Enjoy your sleep!

  2. Oh, definately sleep. You have years and years ahead of you for sex. Sleep is so fabulous. I totally love me some sleep.

    BTW…. I tagged you over at my blog! Check it out….

  3. I knew you’d sleep. But then, I know you well. haha

    Glad you got some rest sweet heart. Hope this continues and he lets you rest more and more. And the mucus monster never comes back to visit you… ever again

  4. Ohhhhhhhhh Sleeeeeeeeep. Dreamy dreamy sleep. Bossy will be hoping for the best for you.

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