Excitement with a side of Anxiety.

Can you believe that I am starting to have a little anxiety about not having the kids tonight.  What is my problem?  I have been looking forward to this short trip for a month or so and now that we are about an hour away from the kids going to stay with their grandparent’s I’m starting to have a little tightening in my chest.  It just doesn’t make sense.  It’s not like I am at all worried about their well-being and if I uttered anything that resembled, “Lil’ Bum we’ve changed our mind, we are all staying home tonight” she would fall into a sobbing heap in my floor and then her heart would explode.  She has told EVERYONE that she is staying at her Memaw’s, that includes complete and total strangers.

I know the anxiety will pass.  Whenever I start to have anxiety over similar circumstances it usually subsides when I take Xanax I thinking and start moving.

I have been tagged with 2 very interesting Memes.  Unfortunately I don’t have mine ready because they both deserve some thought but maybe after my night of childless  sleep I will be refreshed and ready to dive in.  My first tag is for a photo meme from Pam.  Luckily I have started taking tons of pictures, not so many of me, but surely I can come up with something good.

My other tag came from Tracy.  This meme contains come pretty deep questions so I will definitely have to think about it.  One of the questions that really hit home though was “What if I could make over 3 areas of my body…”  One of her answers was her teeth.   I know I would love to have my teeth whitened and polished up, they have always been yellow but what kills me is that my daughter, at age 4, is already starting to be self-conscious of her teeth.  I hate it.  She has 3 or 4 teeth that are weak which makes them yellow/brown.  So far so good, no cavities or chips, but other children have already made comments.  There have been a couple of occasions that she has shared their comments with me asking if it was true.  Last night when we were dressing for bed she told me that a friend from dance class said, “Yuck! Your teeth are yellow!”  This killed me.  What do I say?  She wasn’t even remotely as upset as I was but one day it may hurt her feelings.  I’m not ready for that.  All I could do was tell her that a couple of her teeth are yellow but that they are fine and not gross at all.  Isn’t it amazing that our words have the potential to cut someone deeply.

 So, off to a night out with Mr. Bum. 

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  1. I hope you have an awesome time with Mr. Bum. And the teeth thing? Don’t worry about it – totally fixable or leave them as is. I just know, by the way you put yourself out there, that your teeth do NOT detract from your awesome personality.

    Hallie 🙂

  2. OHEMGEE! It’s Hallie! I knew I stumbled on the right blog to add to my wanderings. 🙂

    Hope you enjoyed your time away.

    And kids can be so cruel, it’s scary sometimes. My little girl has a unibrow, seriously noticeable. And I question myself constantly as to whether I should pluck it for her, just to save her the embarrassment when some thoughtless child points it out. But, she’s only 8, and I don’t want her to have to be dedicated to something that tedious at such an early age.

    I shall return, so run for your life!

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