Mr. Bum, the lucky one

Okay, so maybe we didn’t win the lottery but Mr. Bum had a bit of luck at our first-casino -trip-anniversary-date.    Because of him, not me I’m $35 in the hole, we left the casino about $400 richer than before.  Let’s just say my luck sucked.  I have to admit I was a little jealous as I watched him stuff $300 in his wallet hidey hole.  In his defense, he plans to put it toward a hay rake and I did end up with some cash and got to buy some things for the kids.  Not that he would have said no anyway but I didn’t feel like so much of a loser because I got to share in some of his winnings.

 Lil’ Bum is running a horrible fever.  It was 103.5 earlier.  She stayed with her Memaw today and they are probably still at the doctors office as I type this.  I am starting to feel a bit crappy myself as the day goes by.

Baby Bum is cutting 4 teeth at once.  Man has he had some rancid diapers.  Considering the fact that his upper gums are ripping open he is still his happy self.

I am obsessing over a horse.  I just can’t get her out of my head.  The story goes like this.  Saturday we went to horse auction.  The in-laws met us up there with the kids.  We had no intentions of purchasing anything, just looking and letting Lil’ Bum see all the horses.  As Mr. Bum and I make our rounds waiting for the kids to arrive we passed by this palomino/white mare.  Her appearance caught my attention.  She wasn’t malnourished exactly, just slimmer than I would have liked.  She had long hairs sticking out over her body.  Something came over me.  I had to have her.   After getting a catalog we learned she had sold the day before for only $450.  We could have afforded that.  I made several trips back to her stall hoping to run into the buyer but never did.  She continued to eat at me all night and into yesterday.  Mr. Bum finally told me to contact the auction and find out the buyer’s info.  I found out this morning that she ended up right outside of town.  After asking around about the man that bought her I found out she did get a good home but I still can’t quite thinking about her.  I just feel like I need to own her.  She would be happy at our house.

After finding out that she found a good home Mr. Bum told me to leave it alone because we really didn’t need another horse.  It makes me proud that he was willing to let me try to buy her to make sure she was alright,  but I just can’t let it go even though I know this man will take care of her.  I’ll let you know if I break down and call.

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  1. Good luck with that menu planning, my oldest sister loves to razz on me about how stupid menu planning is. But while she is dumping $200 more a week on groceries a week than I am, and still running around at 6 in the evening with nothing to cook, I’m sitting back with dinner already finished, put away, and cleaned up. Plus, I have more money in my pocket for being prepared. So, I’ll take the razzing and smile knowingly. 🙂

    As for the horse thing, I know how you feel! I took on 2 goats because I felt bad for them, and they turned out to be my worst nightmare. After they were fattened up, I turned them over to a loving animal rescue farm. I guess I’m just not the animal type!

    Congrats on the win to Mr. Bum. 🙂

  2. […] 400 Phone Calls Later Do you remember the land?  Well if not let me fill you in.  You see, there is this really neat older man who owns land the joins ours.  Right now we have 15 acres.  We could really use a bit more.  If we had more land I may have pressed on to buy that mare. […]

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