Tackle It Tuesday – Fear

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Today I am going to discuss a tackle that has been on my mind for a while……menu planning and my fear of the slow cooker/crock pot.
Tracy recently discussed budgeting and menu planning and it got me to thinking.  I’m always stressing in the evening to figure out what to fix for dinner.  Because I don’t plan ahead, I never have the right ingredients and don’t have much time for alot of preparation before meal time.  I’m usually home by 5pm and the family is ready to eat.
I know that planning ahead with a weekly menu would mean savings financially and tastier, healthier meals for the family.  Of course after reading Tracy’s post I still didn’t get the ball rolling until now.  Yesterday I read Annie’s menu for the week and it reiterated the fact that I need to plan ahead.  Guess what??  I’m gonna do it……………..No really I am.
There is one little problem though.  I can do the menu.   I can do the shopping.  I can’t do the slow cooker/crock pot.  I’m afraid.
 You see, as I may have discussed before, I have this OCD issue that deals with fire.  It is completely controllable but I have to take steps to relieve the anxiety, like unplug my hair dryer, the toaster and Lil’ Bum radio, and turning off my computer, the dryer and the dish washer.  I’m fine when I leave the house as long as all of these things are done.  As you can see, the thought of leaving a crock pot cooking while I’m at work puts me a little over the edge.  I know people do it all the time, but just the thought freaks me out.  What if it catches on fire and Penny is trapped in the house.  Yeah, I have one of those In Case of Fire Save Pet stickers in a window.
I know the crock pot is not the only way to go but it would sure make the transition and work alot easier.  I also live close enough that I could go home and check the food at noon.  I just need some encouragement and opinions.
Do you feel slow cookers/crock pots are safe?  Do you leave your cooker on while your out of the house?
Help me tackle my fear!  And any good recipes wouldn’t hurt either.
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  1. I do use the crock pot when I’m away from home. I actually have it on today (I’m making barbecue ribs).

    But I usually cook ahead on a Saturday for a whole week. It takes me about 2.5 hours and I can put everything in the freezer and be done with it for a week or so. It was my tackle a week or so ago.

    That way, I only have to think ahead and be organized once every week!

  2. I don’t like leaving certain appliances turned on while I’m not home, but the crockpot is not one of them. They are designed for that very purpose. Plus, make sure to plug it in to a GFC plug in your kitchen and should anything happen (which it more than likely won’t), the power will automatically cut off.

  3. I leave the crockpot on. But, that said, I actually don’t use it much. I want to. I plan to. I have tons and tons of recipes. But, I never get around to it. My menu planning revolves around other things than the crock pot this month. I plan to pull out the cookbooks and find some new crockpot recipes soon, though.

    Crock pots? Very safe. Especially if you follow Lynne’s advice of plugging it in to one of those GFC plugs with the little switchy thing. That might help make you feel better.

    What kinda recipes you looking for????

  4. @ Jennifer – I like the idea of doing most of the work on the weekend.

    @ Lynne – I bet the GFC plug would help my nerves a bit. Thanks

    @ Tracy – If you find anything crock pot good and easy let me know. I just want anything that my picky daughter will eat that doesn’t take hours of my time preparing.

  5. You poor dear. That’s a real phobia. But odds are, you will be fine, there will be no fire and dinner will be yummy. Q is: Are you feeling lucky?

  6. Oh wow. That would be scary. Can you take your crock pot to work with you?

  7. I love using the crock pot. It makes the whole house smell so good!

  8. I have the same fear as you do about leaving things on while at work. I just can’t seem to leave the crockpot on while I am at work. I only use it when I am at home. I am trying to get over that so I know how you feel.One day I am just going to do it.

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