400 Phone Calls Later

Do you remember the land?  Well if not let me fill you in.  You see, there is this really neat older man who owns land the joins ours.  Right now we have 15 acres.  We could really use a bit more.  If we had more land I may have pressed on to buy that mare.

Anyway, years ago when Mr. Bum befriended the elderly gentleman he made it clear that if the time ever came that he wanted to sell, we were interested.  In January he told Mr. Bum that he would be selling this year and we had first shot.  Well last night we learned that the gentleman and Mr. Bum apparently misunderstood each other and he thinks we might not be interested.  Enter panic.  I continued until Mr. Bum went to his house knowing he probably wasn’t there.  I have called Mr. Bum a bazillions times to see if he had talked to him yet.

My stomach is in knots, for several reasons.  First reason is that I would hate it if we did not get the chance to atleast buy the 10 acres that directly meets our land and secondly, I am nervous as heck about spending the money.  It is an opportunity that we can’t pass up but I hate the thought of an additional payment.

I talked to Mr. Bum about 30 minutes ago and he was on his way to our neighbor’s home.  So the fact that he hasn’t called me yet is either a sign that nice neighbor was home and they are chatting or Mr. Bum is tired of talking to me today and is not calling me back.

 Oh, I can’t stand this torture.  Yeah, I know, I obsess.

Added Horse Note:  I talked to someone at work that knows the mare’s new owner personally and said he is a great man and is very good to his animals.  I think it probably worked out for the best.  We really don’t need to new horse right now and she has a good home.

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  1. Good luck with the land. If you lived in NY (yes, I know I’m from PA) and bordered my land, I would give it to you. Five acres of prime land, with a little swamp at the back end of it. If only!
    Glad to hear the mare is in good hands, although I’m sure that she would have had a lovely home with you.

  2. Did you hear yet? Now I’m nervous for you!


  3. Did you hear anything yet?? I am nervous and excited to hear!

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