Quick Update

Mr. Bum finally caught nice neighbor yesterday evening and visited him for about 3 hours.  Everything is fine.  We still have first shot at the land and we actually can purchase whatever amount we want from 10 to 25 acres.  The amount will all depend on the price which he didn’t know yet.

The comment that he had made that worried us was made under duress.  He doesn’t really have any family except a wife that lives in another state (I don’t completely understand but it’s not my life so it’s not my business).  He had gone for testing and the doctors told him that he should stop driving, running a tractor, etc but they couldn’t tell him what was wrong until April ???  Anyway, it really upset him and at the time all he could think of was that he had to move which he doesn’t want to.

Now we are just waiting for the appointment in April.  If it is bad (which we really hope it’s not) he will be moving and we will go ahead with the purchase.  If it is good and he can stay put we will lease the 25 until after the first of the year at which time he would be ready to sell.

So, stress over for now.  We are still good.

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  1. Stress is a reminder that we are still living. I think I would rather wake up with more stress than I ever thought I could handle, than not wake up.

    Glad that things were ironed out with the neighbor, that has to be a relief!

    BTW, if I go too long without stress, I cause myself some. Just so I can feel alive. 😀

  2. crisis averted

  3. Just reading thru your blogs. . . enjoying your site! Sticky neighbor situations can be well, sticky. Glad this isn’t.

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