Children of the Sun

We had a beautiful day to enjoy on Saturday.   My only complaint might have been the wind, but even so it was great.

The kids and I played outside and I took quite a few pictures that I will share soon.

Our weather is crazy.  Saturday sunny, warm and breezy.   Sunday warm, rainy and the wind was howling.  Storms throughout the night and today it’s freezing, raining, again the wind is absolutely horrible and we will probably have snow before the day is over.

The kids did enjoy it while they could though.


 I loaded these pictures last night but didn’t get to finish.  I can’t view them right now so if they are both of Baby Bum I am not being partial.  I had 2 pics of each kid but my computer locked up and I wasn’t able to finish.  I’ll add the other pics later.

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  1. Your children are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Love the pics. Baby bum sure is growing.

  3. I love the way he is looking at her. And that first one is darling of him. As per her usual, the little lady is gorgeous.

  4. I think that if I don’t get some serious sun time soon (like the kind where you lay in it and think.. life doesn’t get any better than this) I am going to go postal. Or, sunless-al. Or something to that effect. I’m sure you get the point.

    If you get any more of that sun, please bottle it up and send it my way so I can open it up next to my bed and let the rays wash over me while I enjoy the surfing waves of my water bed!

  5. They’re beautiful! I think I’ve said that here, but who doesn’t want to hear that again? I love that period when their bottom teeth are coming in. He’s got some long lashes, huh?

  6. Ah….. we had sun for the last few days here as well. And then today it decided to start with the wind… and tonight with the rain… sigh.

    The kids are gorgeous as always!

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