Out My Back Door

When Mr. Bum bought our land years before I was ever in the picture it was quite different than it is today.  The barn was unusable and the pasture was wooded.  He has put in so much time and work to transform out little 15 acres into a beautiful home for our family and animals.

Our little pond dried up a couple of years ago so it doesn’t house any fish at this time but we often have ducks and cranes that stop by for a visit.

We are definitely Chevy people.  Our fleet consists of a 2006 crew cab (family vehicle), Mr. Bum’s 1992 pick-up, and our 79′ 1 ton that doesn’t move from this spot very often.

When clearing the timber on our land Mr. Bum left some very majestic pecan trees.  We are always happy when they make a good crop because shelled pecans are always welcomed Christmas gifts.

I can still remember when our barn was not a functioning part of our property.  When Mr. Bum first began the cleaning he had several people stop and offer to buy the old wood that is hidden underneath the tin.  He had no intention of tearing down our old barn.  He planned on saving it and that he did.  He covered the broken and weathered boards with tin and one summer back before kids we took on the task of painting the tin.  I make the biggest messes when I paint so you can only imagine that after our task was complete I looked like a female version of the Tin Man.

This is the gate that opens to our pasture.  FIL found this sign after Tex first moved to our pasture.  It originally said Texas but Mr. Bum removed the unneeded letters.  It really adds to the fence.

My intentions were to take many more pictures this weekend but this is as far as I got. I’m sure I will have more in the near future but for now I wanted to share a little piece of our country.

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  1. I’m on my way, I’ll sleep in the barn, just throw me a blanket or something.
    Seriously, you lost me after “pecan!” I love em. And ahhhh, we don’t HAVE pecan trees here!

  2. Looks like a lot of space to cut loose on. We have 5+ acres in NY, wooded, and it’s prime hunting land for the hubby. Here, we have our home that is on land owned by hubby’s family. There is talk of signing it over to us, so I think we will be getting rid of the NY land and become true PA’ers (as much as I never wanted to).

    As for the “look” I have, it runs off many people. I’m really a fun spirited person, but I adapted that look after I realized that smiling and looking open often led to the wrong kinds of people in my life. My look now keeps them at bay, and the people I do run into are most generally friends for life. I don’t have many, but I have enough to be comfortable!

    Would love it if you ran into my eggs out your way. I need those things in the worst way. I’ve tried every type of store in a 50 mile radius with no look, and I’m starting to get bummed out!

    Oh, and I don’t really take Ambien. I did once, and had such a horrible experience with it that I went off it immediately. I did, however, write an article on Ambien Induced Sleep Eating, and that’s where the reference came from lol.

  3. You just posted ‘our dream.’ I’m green with envy. We live slap dab in the middle of a lot of other houses. One day, we will have land to stretch out on and neighbors who live within driving distance. Your pics are beautiful. Btw, what state are you in?

  4. Beautiful. The pics are great! I wish we lived somewhere pretty! LOL

  5. It’s beautiful. I love the horses too. I always think they’d be fun to have–you know, to take pictures of and to look out the front window and see. Then, fortunately, I remember that you have to take care of them, and I don’t quite want to take care of anything else just yet. But I’ve gotten away from my point, which was that you’re home, complete with horses, looks wonderful!

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