Hip Shoes


 Do you wear hip shoes?  Mostly I don’t.  Almost all of my shoes are not of the hip variety, but I do have this one pair.

You see, Sunday as I dress for church, I put on the only pair of black slacks that actually fit.  They are however too long.  To remedy this problem, since I continue to forget to take them to MIL to be hemmed, I wear the only pair of heeled shoes I have.  They are big, bulky, and scuffed but they work.  Lil’ Bum exclaimed when I walked into the room, “Mom….why are you wearing your hip shoes”.  Now you can tell by my description that my shoes are in no way “hip” as you were probably thinking. 

 Why did she say they were “hip shoes”?????

Because the heals raise up your hips silly!

Aren’t children neat!

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  1. That is precious! I’m short and I gotta get me some of those HIP shoes. I’m a flip flop girl, so your shoes look pretty ‘hip’ to me. Btw, I didn’t mean to ruin all thoughtful posts for you. I’m glad you read my 100th today and there was no ‘gotcha’ at the end! I like keeping people in suspense. Keeps ’em coming back!

  2. Hey I like hip shoes…I feel so comfortable on that.

    Actually I love wearing hip shoes

    see ya

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