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Pam tagged me ages ago with a photo meme. The only problem with my completing the task was that I have next to no pictures of myself. So after long thought and a little planning I finally got the pics. So here you have it as boring as it might be, “5 Facts about Me”.

1. I have bad knees.  I know.  Your first question would be, “Was it a sports injury?” My answer is No. I never made it through sports. My knees have been screwed up since I was a small kid. After three surgeries starting at the age of 16 and the last being when I was 27 the worst knee is finally stable.  This long scar is one of the best thing I ever did and one of the hardest things I ever did.

2. I brake for highway workers. They hold a special place in my heart. Next time you see workers on your roadway slow down. They really are someone’s dad or husband. Oh, and I hate this picture and I know it’s blurry but you still get my point.

3. I look like my Dad. Growing up in a small town everyone knew who I belonged to. They would usually guess my last name and which of 7 brothers was my father just by the resemblance.

4. I have fixed my hair in generally the same way for 10 years. Even though I try something new, my naturally curly hair does what it wants and it wants consistency. As far as maintenance I do not get regular hair cuts even though I like keeping my hair short.  Cutting my hair  ranks up there with shaving my legs…very low on the priority list.
After 3 months without a hair cut…

I get a little carried away……..

5. The last picture also is an example for #5. When I was 2 years old I fell from a very tall slide and hurt my lip. There were many stitches involved and although I outgrew a great deal of the scaring I still see it. See if you can find the spot.

If you feeling taggy jump on it.

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  1. Scars are bad-ass. And I rate hair cuts and leg shaving exactly where you do. I end up hacking it off myself when I think the ends are looking horrendous. Isn’t that awful? It would take, like, a half hour for me just to got get it cut. Whatever. It would take even less for me to shave my legs everyday, but I’m not doing that either.

  2. I have scars on my knees. Sports here though, but we still match! Scars rock.
    I love the sign. The Boy’s bedroom is full of license plates and we talked of doing signs there too. I am obsessed with signs.
    Yes, you look like daddy.
    My hair sucks and is thin, I would kill for some natural curl. You suck. hahaahahaha
    I loved you meme! You made my night doing it! A million thank yous my friend for playing. I knew you would do it!

  3. I don’t see the lip scar. You must wear it well.

    And seriously? Your eyes are the most mesmerizing color.

  4. You are so damn pretty momma bum!

    I TOLD you we had a lot of snow!! Why didn’t you believe me? Jeesh…


  5. I think that you and Tracy (Faerie Mom) are ganging up on me! Just last night, she let me know THREE times that I just HAD to finish the story, it was killing her too!

  6. You are so pretty! I have scars all over my legs… sigh. Thanks for doing this meme. It is always nice to get to know more about the people we chat with!

  7. I can relate to the same hair style syndrome! I have curly hair, too! there is only so much you can do with it I am NOT spending hours straightening it! I would much rather be out in the barn or garden!

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