Spring Forward is SWELL!

Well, maybe………swell minus the “sw” add an “h”.

Spring Forward, more than Spring Back,is hard on anyone.   Those who have cared for a small child during these time changes understand what I am saying.  For a child, taking away an hour throws thing in chaos.

This was the scene at our house about 6pm yesterday evening.

Baby Bum was the least effected since he doesn’t sleep through the night now anyway. He was although, a growth on my leg throughout most of the afternoon. If I wasn’t holding him already he was standing behind me pulling at my pant leg chanting, “MaMaMaMaMaMaMa”.


Lil’ Bum had the hardest time. She is on the well end of another viral infection and to top it off lost an hour of sleep. I had every intention of putting her down for a nap but it didn’t happen. This was what she was up to while Baby Bum had his dinner. 


She was still a zombie this morning as am I.

And of course Penny was not effected by the time change. She just soaked up the sun.


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  1. Well-said! Time changes are a cruel joke. I”m not laughing!

  2. Penny is a girl after my own heart!!


  3. Sweet sleeping girl…. love the pic. I hate the time changes as well. Luckily, the boys and I do not have to be anywhere. So I was able to work their schedules so it wasn’t too bad on them. I know. You can shoot me later! Hope you get caught up with yourself soon….

  4. You’ve been tagged!

  5. Lil’ Bum’s photo could not be cuter. That photo is just great. Don’t you just want to kiss them when they’re sleeping? I don’t usually b/c even more than that I want them not to wake up and want stuff from me.

  6. Can I barrow Baby Bum for awhile? That smile has me like wrapped around his little sticky fingers 🙂 And if Lil Bum wants to come she can too, I am sure she and The Girl would play nicely! I’m no good with dogs though 😦

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