A Meme About Me

I was tagged by Kristen to answer 7 things about myself.  If you have tagged me and I’ve yet to participate don’t despair, or think I’ve blown you off.  I remember and I promise I’ll do it.

Here goes:

A.  The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.

B.  Each player answers the questions about themselves.

C.  At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and post their names, then goes to the blogs and leaves them a comment letting them know they’ve been tagged.

What I was doing 10 years ago:  Ten years ago I was wondering to myself, “What the hell have I done.”  Ten years ago I was married to Mr. Wrong, living 300+ miles away from all family and emotionally spiralling out of control.  I know, not that impressive, but true.

5 Things on my To Do list today:  I probably should have done this at the start of the day but I am not at all lacking in this to do TODAY and it is already 3:30pm.  Today after I get off work I will take Lil’ Bum to dance class, pick up dinner, go home feed the family, find the papers to pre-enroll Lil’ Bum in Pre-K.  Then Lil’ Bum and I will go to school and pre-enroll.  Upon returning home we will bath, try to get some playing in, I really have to wash some of the kids clothes because it has been warm and Baby Bum has mainly winter clothes, do the dishes, feed the dog and cat, make Baby Bum’s nighttime bottle, put the kids to bed, fold laundry, play on the computer……………………………sorry I got carried away.

Snacks I enjoy:  I LOVE brownies.  If I make a pan I end up eating almost the entire thing.  I also love eating cereal, with milk, or without.  I love anything finger-foody:  sausage balls, pinwheels, I am also crazy about that thing where you have ham wrapped around cream cheese and a pickle.  I sometimes make it just for myself.

Things I would do if I were a Billionaire:  I would love to become a billionaire and share it with my family.  I would like all of them to be very comfortable and to not have to worry.  I would also like to build a new building for my church.  Shoot, even if I was just a millionaire I would buy all the equipment necessary to do photography professionally.  I guess what I would do first.   QUIT MY JOB!!!!

3 of my Bad Habits:  Can’t answer this………..I don’t have any………………..Just teasing, I have more than I care to mention.  #1 and most horrific is I’m a nail biter.  Not just a little nail biter but the “my nails look awful” kind of nail biter.  #2 is I’m a Diet Dr. Pepper addict.  I drink entirely too much.  #3 I’m also turning into an internet addict of sorts.

5 places I have lived:  Although I have lived in many different houses I have only lived in 2 places, my home town in Arkansas and Oklahoma.  Does this mean I’m a bad meme-er.

5 jobs I have had:  pizza chef (if you call it being a chef), I worked at a band running daily reports to update accounts etc, housecleaner, cashier at a Tractor Supply, bank teller, accountant/accounting clerk.  Okay, that’s 6.

So I bet you think I’m one interesting lady don’t you.  🙂  Now on to the tagging.  I actually tag everyone.  Okay, maybe to stick with the rules I will narrow it down to Pam, Sarah, Annie, Tracy, and Hallie. 

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  1. That was fun! I learned some new things. I love Coke Zero like you love Diet DP and we both lives in Ar. And I’m very glad you found your way out of the spiral from 10 years ago.

  2. oooooo….. a meme. Ham, cream cheese and pickle??? Never heard of it. Sounds interesting though.

  3. I’ll skip the ham, cream cheese, and pickle thing. I hate pickles!

    But.. I will do the meme. I love being tagged, it means that someone out there is thinking about me!


  4. Will do. Was out of town yesterday but am back now. Let me think about it and I will get it up soon.

  5. done, with love, for you my pickle loving friend.

    ps… i love pickles too, and if they have cheese and ham all the better, i will have to try this

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