Stinky Epiphany

One thing that I couldn’t give up when I became a mother was a daily shower/bath.  It didn’t matter how hard it was to get, I always had to have me a shower.  Maybe no makeup, maybe wild hair, but always a clean body.

 Well Saturday that all changed.  The kids and I were scheduled to be at church at 9am to participate in a sewing day.  Some of the women from church were helping to make new curtains for the nursery.  I had set my alarm for 7:15am but since I was playing human bedrail for Baby Bum I decided to stay put to allow the kids to sleep longer. 

Finally at 8:00am Baby Bum awoke and I realized that unless his sister decided to wake I couldn’t take a shower.  You CANNOT leave the child alone for more than a second or there will be problems.  Normally that wouldn’t be a problem but with Lil’ Bum being as emotional as she has lately sleep was a necessity.

I made the decision.  I almost backed out several times, but I didn’t.  I washed my hair in the sink, spruced up with a couple of baby wipes, put on clean underwear and off we went.  Me……… shower………….what had I done.  For the first 5 minutes or so  I worried that they could smell me.  What if I stunk??????

Then I started chasing children and forgot all about my stinky butt.

I survived!  And if I was stinky they didn’t tell.

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  1. I’m with you. I’m a bather. . . sometimes twice a day! I’m pretty sure my day would be ruined without it . . .but maybe trying it would give me some liberty!

  2. I am a bather. But, that said, with the Wingmen of Mayhem the last year has been sporadic. No gauranteed daily showers for me. Sigh…. very sad. And maybe stinky….

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